Monday, April 27, 2009

Congratulations Stan!!

 image  It must be true it's in print.

It's official I'm looking for a paper bag to put over my head when I watch a Yankee game. We just lost to Detroit 4-2, after getting swept by the Boston Red Sox over the weekend. I'm not going to be a fair weather fan and quit on them yet but...

Cindy and I mowed the yard Sunday afternoon after Jeff & Amanda & Brandon left. I really messed up pretty bad. I cut it at 11/2 inches instead of the 3 inches I should have cut it at. We have big piles of grass shavings all over the yard. We {Ok I} waited to long to cut it also. It probably should have been cut a few days ago. It's just that we got a lot of rain the other day and it really grew like crazy. It doesn't help that we got some Arizona weather Yesterday and today too. Today it hit 91 degrees here.

Not much else going on really. Tomorrow Cindy is taking off work to go to the eye doctors. I have to drive her over as she's not quite sure what they're going to do. She has some Glaucoma issues and may need to do something like Dilate the eyes.

I went to the Chiro yesterday. As normal my left leg was shorter  than my right. He did his normal yank and jerk and away I went. It's so frustrating. I'm starting to reverse the gain the weight trend I've been on the last week or so. I'm not eating just because I'm bored now. Cindy is on Weight Watchers at work and I'm sort of following along at home. I can feel a difference already. Hey Stephany Cindy made that meat sauce that I drove two hours south of here to get last time. It's as good if not better than the stuff I got. We have about 5 or 6 more servings of it left.

Watched Dancing with the Stars tonight. We like that show for some reason. Stan ought to have fun with this one.I'm in finishing up this post and going to watch Castle. That shows pretty interesting too. Don't hang out with anyone coughing and we'll catch you later.


Stephany said...

where's the recipe!!????? are you crazy not posting it.

Mark Krusen said...

Sorry it's a secret family recipe. Ha Ha. No, I'll see if Cindy will give it to me and I'll post it maybe next post if your really nice to me.

Ana said...

I'm also waiting for the recipe!

Stephany said...

how nice? LOL

ok you're the best person in the while wide world, so is Cindy, so are your pets...does groveling work? hahaha

stan and pepsi-woman eh? will wonders never cease! you going to be the best-sequin-purse-bearing man?

Anonymous said...

I'm crushed. Stan didn't even send me an invite!!!! Pelosi prob wouldn't let him.