Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh really?

There has been a clamoring out there for me to do another post. Ok,not clamoring. 1 person mentioned it casually. I justa haven't felt the drivel that I had meandering through my mind was worthy of a post. You know I had beaten this dead horse for all it was worth. It was time to move on to some new subjects.  I fully intend to do that. But first. I was at a new blog I happened across that describes me pretty well in it's name You really should check it out here. I'm quite shocked really I wouldn't believe it had I not seen it myself. He has a picture of one of the regular readers of this blog in the link here. I  wasn't going to  link to it... in the interest of full discloser and to let everyone that is planning on taking the trip to Cancun with us, I wanted to let you see a recent photo of her. I'm not going to out this person by name. You know who you are. It doesn't make me think any less of you really. If the truth be known I really wouldn't mind sharing adjoining rooms.  Ahem...

Now on to my promise. If any of you read Momma's blog post recently the beast has moved on to his reward. It's amazing how the death of a pet can have such a profound effect on you. I mean,it's not as if I played with the damn bird every day. He was a parakeet for crying out loud. But the last few days of watching him struggle to get up on the rail to feed him self and just sit in the corner of the cage, were just really painful to watch. He had the name Beast for a reason. He was one tough hombre. I wish I had half the gonads that he did. He led a full live and went down swinging. I realize now how much of a pansy I have become. I used to perceiver no matter what. Now I'm into full whine mode.

I continue to have this cloud of depression over me. It's like that rain cloud that follows Linus all the time. It's been around for like a month now and seems to be inching ever lower. My ability to get irritated is on high alert. It's like at a drop of a hat I can get aggravated. Good thing I'm on Wellbutrin. My Quack (did I say that out loud?) wanted to know if I wanted him to add something else for a while. They are so quick to just throw pills at you. I told him I thought I would be ok. I'd let him know if I needed anything else. It's amazing though isn't it. Heck, I could have just said yeah doc I'll take some of this,some of that... It's weird they always ask if I am feeling suicidal. I know,I know it's their job. I must project this look that prompts it. So in the interest of full disclosure "I am not suicidal" Although I haven't read Stan's latest comment yet.

I'll close with a fun thing. Our blogging buddy Ana from Brazil has a neat little Geography tester there on her site. Check it out. It will test ya a little bit. I drove all over most of North America in my driving career so that helped me a little. Ana hasn't said rather she's coming on the trip to Cancun yet.


Ana said...

I'm sorry for the lost of your bird. It aches. And I'm also sorry you are feeling low.
Do you have noticed if it started to get worse since the bird got sick?
I have seen many people feeling really down because of the lost of their pet.
Even if you didn't play with him a lot he was there, part of your daily life.
I've visited the link: Wow 69 comments! The photo is amazing!
I've just written that your average was great but the best thing is that you might have been on some of these states.
How lucky you are.
I have a bar on my browse that has just put a US flag written GreenCard - it's a lottery! The Official Greencard lottery.
Never heard about that.
Once you are from a foreign country they think you want to go to US to live.
Hope you get better soon!

preciousrock said...

Ahem... I'm not quite sure what to say about the first paragraph. Ahem...

I'm sorry to hear about Beast. I thought that was a crazy name for a parakeet when I read about it in Cindy's posts. But she didn't share the part about his gonads, lol.

I know this will raise the red flag for some of my bloggies, but Mark, really, you might want to add a little something else to your drug list. (Not Seroquel, of course) I don't want to see you go into another deep dark depression. I take four meds to keep my head above water. No one med ever did the trick, but the combo that the doc has me on now seems to be really beneficial. I take Wellbutrin also. It only helped me a little by itself, but combined with several other drugs it seems to be a great addition. It's up to you, of course. Just something to think about. We all are different.

Take care my dear blog buddy and quit pointing out my photo on the internet. I'm a very private person. :-)

xoxo PR

Mark Krusen said...

No I've down for a month or so now. The Beast just got sick in the last few days. I don't think he suffered a whole lot. Thanks for your concern.

I wasn't going to out you with the picture. Really I wasn't. Well not this week anyway. I'll take your advice on the possibility of adding something to the mix on my meds. I'm sort of keeping an eye on how I feel and I don't think I'm there yet.

susan said...

I am sorry for the loss of your bird. Hug Imus tight, and I know he is in birdie heaven. Away from all pesky kitties.

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Susan. He had a good 12 years or so.

Stephany said...

I'm sorry about your bird too.

I knew PR had a secret. She's a closet body builder. Adjoining rooms, eh Mark? LOL

Mark Krusen said...


The adjoining room thing is starting to scare me a little bit too now. LOL

Stephany said...

ha ha ha ha