Thursday, March 12, 2009

Complaint Department!



Ok you get one complaint make it a good one!


Ana said...

"No Sir. It's up to you to get the number. You were lucky to be the first one. Please take it."

Stan said...

Ok you get one complaint make it a good one!

Let take a minute here? OK it only took two seconds and I'm done!


Mark Krusen said...

I don't have just one complaint.

It only took 2 seconds for you huh? I've heard that there is something else that only takes you two seconds but I digress.

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

Considering you can only stand on your feet for five minutes and walk for even less; I can only imagine two seconds might feel and appear like a new world record in your book, or was that your pants.

Just remember you only get one complaint, so please don’t waste on something that has no possibility of improvement.

What's that they say about guys that drive BIG HUGE TRUCKS; they have tiny, shall we say motors. {LMAO}

Isn't it time to write your next words of nothingness and blather; as in a new post?

I thought you were going to discuss quantum physics, chaos theory, or the time warp continuum related to your little wonky problem. {Laughing}

That must have been another blog I was reading that was actually thought provoking and interesting? {Smirk}


Stephany said...

Those packages of mozarella cheese that are ball shapes, and you cannot get the plastic off without cutting it with a knife. And, I cannot stand my bra strap sliding off of my shoulders when walking.

Mark Krusen said...

You wasted your complaint. I feel sorry for you with the second one. Seems like meds might be in order.

preciousrock said...

My wretched state of mind and mood these past several days!

The Addict said...

My one and only complaint is uhhhh, mmmmmm, ohhhhhhh, nope, I'm good.


Mark Krusen said...

Stephany,Precious,and The Addict,

Thanks for your comments.They we're given in the context that this post was intended. To have fun!!!

ladyjane64 said...

I'm tired of being cold, over taxed, over billed for things,underpaid, not appreciated at work. Should I start my own blog? LOL. Thanks for the number, have a good one. Luv, Sandy

Mark Krusen said...


Yes you need to start your own blog. Lol. But wait you'd have to put up with idiot's like Stan commenting on it. So never mind.