Monday, March 9, 2009

Honest Abe












"So I said to him,Barack,I know Abe Lincoln,and you ain't him."

Artist: Andy Thomas

Ya know I've been thinking some lately. I know. No I didn't hurt myself. Everybody likes to rail on the rich and say that they are greedy and money grabbing. To some degree some of the rich have been. For those that have built up their business in the U.S. taken it somewhere else because they could save money on taxes or more so to save in labor cost. I say pox on there houses. But another way to look at it is.

We as a people work for someone else as a rule. {Well if your not laid off right now anyway} We depend on them for our income. Which we then turn into Rent,food and the other necessities of life. So what I'm  trying to say is we gave our right for self determination as it relates to income to someone else. We're at the whim and fancy of "the man''. I've posted on it before a while back, back in the good ole days, 90% of America worked for themselves. So maybe it's time we got back to those days. I know many of us probably can't or just don't want to take the chance on self employment because it seems risky.

The more people that get laid off the worse it's going to get. What's the Government going to do when the top income workers that pay the taxes are broke?  Where are  they going to get the money for all the Social Programs they want to ramp up? The unemployment rate right now is 8.1%. But there is a hidden under employed market with many people working part time because that's all they can get, that brings this number up quite a bit higher. Is there something you know how to do that you could do for yourself in your own business?

In the back of my mind I'm keeping open the possibility of maybe getting into expediting down the road. I think it's something I could do physically but I'm not sure. It's fun to dream about it though. Here is a link to a site about expediting that I go to all the time. Now isn't the time to do this as the loads just aren't there. If you read through the forums on this site you can get a taste for just how bad it is. Some people are sitting around days for loads after getting empty.Of course any possibility of doing it at all  would  depend on Momma wanting to go with me, which probably ain't going to happen any time soon as she really likes her job and all. But like the Ny lottery always says. "Hey you never know". There's justa something that gets in you when you've done that kind of thing for a living that is hard to get out of your system.

So I'm going to close with this little bit of wisdom. For years we've been like frogs sitting in the pot. It was great while the water was comfortable we just sort of hung around and enjoyed. Well as the water started getting warmer and some of our buddies started either getting plucked out or jumped out while the getting was good, we said to our selves ah good more room for me. But now that the water is boiling and they're coming after us it's a different story isn't it? Our way of life is slowing eroding around us.Any ideas what we can do to stop it?


preciousrock said...

Dear Mark,

I'm hoping that you will start a successful business so that I can be your overpaid secretary. Make sure fully paid health insurance coverage and 401k/profit sharing are in the mix. I may have other requests as time goes on.

But's tough times right now. I'm just hanging out trying to ensure that my tootsies don't get burned by the boiling water, while still staying close enough to the water that I don't get dehydrated.

Mark Krusen said...

I was going to make a smart remark that said something like."Anything I paid you at all would be overpaid." But then I thought about it and said to myself that would be to mean. So I'm not going to say it.

Why would you want a 401K now. They're down to 201K on the way to a 101K.

Those other request later you may want scare me after you admitted to the picture being of you.{Chuckling as much as I can be at 3:32 in the morning}

preciousrock said...

My Dear Mark,
Thanks for not making a smart remark. That would have been a childish and hateful thing to do. I see you are growing up. Good for you. xoxo PR

P.S. Cindy is happy to hear that her child is growing up also! :-)

Ana said...

Hi Mark!
Thanks the Lord you didn't said that aloud.
We can read minds, you know?
I heard you thinking saying something to PR but I see she has also got the telepathic message.
Hope you are fine!

Mark Krusen said...

I do have a compassionate side too.

Stephany said...

We are in a world of hurt because the Government is being ran by a court jester, and the corruption is so far into lining pockets with cash it's out of control and for no good reason(example:pharmaceutical companies paid 1 million $$$ for box seats to attend the DNC (Democratic Natl Convention)Pharma lobbies congress on a regular basis. Grassley is only one man attempting to expose so much i don't know how he keeps up. There will be a fall out: the crisis will avert and the agencies that support people in need will NOT get their funding back.

That happened already with Reagan in charge. So, it can get better, but like gas prices, some things stick and never "go back to the way it was".

We live in a poorly ran country! Obama's stats for the beginning of a Presidency are the worst ones for this crisis ever (what i read anyway and it seems to hold true)

The bailout: HOW much $$ is going to foreign banks again?

I hope Stan comments on this one!

Mark Krusen said...

It is pretty frustrating. There doesn't feel like to me there is much we can do about it. The lobbiest are running the country.

Stan is on vacation in Cancun right now. He's our advance scout.

Ana said...

This is really sad.
I don't count on politics a long time ago.
This is a hell of a time to witness.

Stephany said...

Well, I just hope we all get good tan lines!