Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day after hump day



Some of you have been mentioning that we ought to start up a get off the weight club. I've done some research and come up with a resort for our first meeting. Check this place out Peter of Pyr fame has agreed to pay our way on this trip. It seems he was one of the 10 people in New Jersey that won the Mega million jackpot the other day. I for one take back half of what I've been saying bad about you. Your a (stan)d up guy thank you!image

Here's another little ditty from my side bar that none of you probably saw. Very interesting stats.

Money Fun Fact
There are 5 million households in the United States with net worth in excess of $1 million. About 2.7 million of these households have at least $1 million in liquid assets not including homes. This compares with a net worth of only $35,000 for the average American household. Source:
Save Money at

imageStephany, Indy found this on line today. I caught him in here on the computer. He has taken to going on some of your guys blogs and making stupid comments. Please forgive me.  He fakes lying down with me to take a nap. Soon as I'm snoring he's getting on line. Stan,all the put downs have come from Indy. I would never say half of the things that he has said to you in comments. I apologize.


Stephany said...

well, i could say something about it being the day after hump day, but i won't. LOL (though it's koda's favorite past time lately, must be PR's rabbit influencing him)ha ha ha

well, logging in here: did my walk, the rain/snow/sleet/hail let up so there was no weather excuse!
i have to admit though, that pre-walk i ate a lemon filled donut and after the walk i ate another one!

that sign is too funny! woof woof!

Mark Krusen said...

Before and after donuts. I don't know....

The Addict said...

So how much time do I have to pack? Can we bring our spouses, pets? Is there a guarantee there will be no chocolate on the premises? Will we be given any of the lottery money for spending money? Is Stan going to be there? How long do we get to stay? Do we have to look like that chick in the ad in our bathing suits? Am I gonna need my passport? Am I asking too many questions? Is your mom coming? How long do we get to stay? Oops, did I ask that question b4? Sorry, I just like to be informed :-)

belinda aka the addict

Mark Krusen said...

There is a recorded message at lll-222-3333. that will give you all the information for the trip.

I can answer a couple of your questions though. Stan has said he can't make it this trip something about handing out "it depends on what is is" tee shirts at the next Barbra Streisand concert. And no my mother won't be there. She said something about having a date with some guy named Stan to go to some concert somewhere.

preciousrock said...

I'm in for the resort. Thanks Pyrs. You are the best. Re: the swimsuits, Belinda, I guarantee that I will not be wearing any swimsuit in the near future. I have no spouse to bring, nor would I bring him if I did have him. This is all about ME! Stephany, you should know that I ate a chocolate bar before and after my walk yesterday, but at least I did finally walk.

Mark Krusen said...

We sure are spending a lot of Pyrs's money. Maybe I should stop over to his blog and tell him... Na....

Pyrs said...

Hi. Just thought I'd stop in. Mark, thanks for putting the trip together.

Stephany just agreed to run you all through some warm up calisthenics (did I spell that correctly preciousrock?) once you meet up at the airport in Cancun. In fact she is bringing Koda too. He in turn has aggred to lead a jogging run to the resort as a warm up. I figured a shuttle was for sissies.

I don't know who the chick is on the brochure, but I am pretty sure that is Stan. He is starring in a movie with Brad Pitt and has already been assigned a personal trainer to look the part. Once Barbara Streisand found out her loyal boy toy Stan was in the movie, she has her manager working 24/7 to ensure that she gets the female lead as Stan's primary love interest. Although Stan was hoping Brad would be his primary love interest. Oh well.

And hey, I'm used to being generous with all of the money I don't have, so I really do hope you all enjoy yourselves. The cheque is in the mail and should arrive at the FiestaAmericana by the time you arrive... I think.

Peter aka Pyrs

susan said...

Mark, are you sure Pete said Cancun, and not Atlantic City or Wildwood, Long Beach Island?

Loosing weight will be done by sifting through the medical waste and washed up needles on the shore, and climbing up the steps to the top of Lucy at Margate.

Another Joisey Girl.

Mark Krusen said...


I talked to Pete and he said that it has to be Cancun. Something about Stan has a warrant for his arrest in Joisey. I don't know all the details.

I think he was cross dressing and walking down the center line of Rte 18 arm and arm with his Nancy Pelosi blow up doll singing we are family.

Do you have something against Cancun?

susan said...

I live very close to Rt 18!
I think Stan cannot come to Jersey because Tony Soprano told him who is really buried in Giants Stadium

preciousrock said...

You did great on calisthenics, but what does "aggred" mean? What's up with you using this as your blog post today? I was looking forward to something spectacular about flatulence tonight.

I won't even go there with all of your mistakes. I don't want to embarrass you in a public forum. I'll just retype it all and e-mail it to you, OK, along with your final grade. I will say that I'm afraid you will be stuck with me as a teacher for another year, if that gives you a hint. No worries as you are my favorite student. On the other hand, you may want to skip traditional school and go to trade school, possibly basket weaving or knitting. You could earn a good living weaving man baskets for the millions of disorganized, sloppy men out there.

Stan said...

OK, from what I can gather through all the shallow laissez-faire bravado smoke and mirrors, howling whine of tears, and under treated blathering insanity over multiple postings.

Mark is now blaming his dog for his abhorrent and obnoxious behavior; Pete is wearing Susan's G-string prancing around dancing to Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits, while dreaming of a love fest adventure in paradise with Brad Pitt.

Susan is running down a needle infested beach in Jersey after Pete trying to tell him that Giant Stadium is where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, along with remains of Steam Boat Willy, and treasure map leading to Al Capone’s hidden vault.

Talk about a lot of non-sense and cow pies being spread across these pages of slander!

Now the CIA has armed invisible Penguin's, and is watching you all 24/7, due to your increased national security threat rating and possible terrorist connections. The mother ship has been instructed to go to depth-con 5 with its pulverizing lasers precisely aimed at Krusen's couch.

What a twisted web we weave! I take a few days off from posting and missed absolutely nothing!


Mark Krusen said...

To whom it may concern.

Because of recent attacks on my manhood,my writing ability,my attempt to print relevant useful commentary. I am forced to change the direction of the Blog. Starting with my next post I will be writing on Nuclear Fission,the Stock Market and what not. Sorry for any inconvenience this my provide to my loyal (1) reader. For mindless,boring, useless and mundane reading please refer to "Is Something Not quite right with Stan" which you'll find on my sidebar.

Stephany said...

are going to be chaise lounges on sandy beaches with ice filled buckets holding bottles of ice cold beer next to the lounge chair, and one hot, sexy man massaging my shoulders and applying sunblock to my fair skin?

Mark Krusen said...


You wrote this comment like a romance novel. It's good to see your not going to be greedy. You only want one hot,sexy man. I believe Precious has put in an order for 2 or 3 if possible.

susan said...

I want Stephany's left overs.

And Stan, Pete doesn't listen to Streisand. It's worse. He listens to Barry Manilow.

Stephany said...

looks like mark, pete and stan were busy last year making their own video from cancun spring break and titled it, "what happens in cancun, stays in cancun" LOL

Mark Krusen said...

Very funny video Stephany. We will have one of our like that soon. You need to tell Susan that when your done with a man there isn't anything left worth having for left overs.

preciousrock said...

Dear Mr. Krusen,

How do you expect me to stay entertained if you don't post daily. It's Saturday and your last post was Thursday. What's up with that?

Stephany said...

Wow, I'm sorry about your bird, just saw that on Mrs.K's blog. I have two 12 yr old love birds.