Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Red box





How can you go wrong for $1.00? Cindy and I have gotten to where we rent a movie at Red Box every so often. Aren't I a cheap bastard? Well remember that last time we went to the movies it cost us $29.00? $.50 for gas,$1.00 for the movie and pop corn at home sure beats that.I didn't have any goobers. How in the heck are you supposed to watch a movie without goobers. 



Has any one else out there been watching the show "The Biggest Loser"? {I don't think it's fair they named a show after me without getting my permission} Anyway, It is kind of inspiring to watch all the changes. I'm getting somewhat motivated to try to lose myself again. I've gone on tears where I can lose 50lbs. The problem is I gain it all right back. I'm sure many of you can relate. What I need is a good Manic episode. My last one I lost over 50 lbs. I'm only half kidding. The last one ended up with us buying the house we live in now. Although it turned out ok I did end up in two hospitalizations for depression at the end. I definitely can't do that again. I pretty much refuse to go into a Psych ward again.

I went out to Lenny's {My social worker} for my twice a month session. He says he can tell I'm into a pretty good dip. Meaning the depression is pretty strong right now.   We'll see how I'm doing then.I glad I'm on the Wellbutrin or no telling how low I would go. I sleep about 5 hrs at night then still have to take a morning and an afternoon nap. I'm hoping that when Spring gets here I can try to take some walks.  I'm not sure how far I'll get with my knee and hip and all, but I'm determined to try anyway. I'm sure Indy would appreciate it. He's bulked up some this winter too. For some reason when I go out to the kitchen to get a snack he thinks he's entitled to one also.

I have a new policy about paying the Mortgage I want to talk over with momma. It's called Don't Pay and the Messiah will pay if for you plan. What do you think? Our mortgage is $699.00 per month. If I just don't pay it for 3 or 4 months. I pop off a letter to Comrade Obama and ask him to write a check for it. What do you think? It's a rather simple plan I know. But I think it could work.


Cindy said...

I say NO to the skipping the morgage payments, it is cold out there and the chosen one may let you down.The bonus is for those who have already been threatened with default.
Hey, I am convinced that Obama is no dummy! To help with the deficit he is hiring people who owe MEGA taxes, they take the job and pay their back taxes. What an ingenious plan. So, if you have not paid your taxes, watch your caller ID, it may just be your chance to spend some time with Bill and Hillary, Michelle and O-B and Biden and his lovely bride. But IF you are paid up to the IRS, you need not worry about a position on the O-B team. LOL, Cindy

Stephany said...

Well I wish my mortgage was that low! ack. Hey, let's be on a lose-weight-get-fit team. Anyone else can too.

Now get up, and walk away from the computer then come back here.

There, is the first step!

PS--Koda was watching ducks at the dock and a man gave him bread chunks, Koda looked like a zoo animal.

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

So you’re a tight wad! Please tell us something new damn it! This same old drivel is going to make me copy my comment from Pete's Blog here; just to get your worn out old goober butt in gear and stop your incessant whining.


Dear Pete:

First off; you will never crack the secret code, but you can waste your time trying {laughing}. I will give you a hint though; it's written in an ancient Penguin dialect; and then an Alien encryption is used that is based on a 10,000,000 bit algorithm that has not even been conceived in the minds of the most advanced human type cultures on this planet or the other like it.

As far as this talking to yourself! Some the best conversations I have ever had are with me. But if you really want to dumb down and not have to think too much; you can always give Krusen a call. I hear his blathering liberal Hugo loving banter may actually work better and be more effective than popping 800 mg tabs of Seroquel XR as far as aiding in sleep and mental health related problems. {Smirk}

(WARNING LABEL: Side effects from any exchange with Mr. U.G.L.Y. Krusen can lead to serious side effects including loss of brain function, bladder control problems, Man purse toting, serious weight gain leading to extended periods of time spent laying on the couch, excessive drooling, Tip toeing over to Nancy Pepsi-Lib’s house in the middle of the night hoping for a little liberal hug and spend hanky panky, and other debilitating side effects hidden from you through studies and clinical data that has been buried or white washed that would have shown other critical effects leading to coma or worse)


Mark Krusen said...


We can start our own biggest loser club. Lol!

Speaking of loser{how are you doing Stanley?} Even you yourself are tired of your incessant long winded nothing new to offer comments. Your're copying and pasting them from other blogs now. I don't think you've had an original thought in weeks.

Pop that head of yours out of your a$$. Sure your breath will stink for a while. Take a breath mint. You'll get used to the fresh air in a little bit. Stop being a Nobama butt boy. Get your thesaurus out and learn a few new words.{grin} Besides these platitudes I've thrown your way. How is life treating you?

Stan said...

Now you went and did it! Gave me ideas!

So I have decided I will take comments like those I have left here and on Pete's blog; then just randomly post them on varied blogs throughout the internet! Sure they will seem off topic, strange, and out of context; but what the heck. I will link them directly back to you of course: where credit is justly due.

You now can plainly see that with friends like me, who really needs enemies? {Laughing}
Thanks for the new ideas Nancy-Boy,


preciousrock said...

Your mortgage is less than my rent. No Fair! I'll trade you. You can have this "posh" city apartment and I'll come out and play in the snow and pay your mortgage. It disgusts me the amount of $$$ I throw away on rent every year.

I'm in if we are starting a lose-weight-get-fit team! Just don't count on me to be honest about my current weight.

Mark Krusen said...

Ok this fit team idea is picking up steam. I think we ought to meet once a week at a central location. Any suggestions? I say the Ritz Carlton in Southern Florida where those Union boys are partying. Will have to come up with a fancy Moniker so we sound like a big financial company so we can get our bailout first.

Our Mortgage may be low relative to your rent Precious. But it won't be paid off till we are 84 years old.

Ana said...

I have a doubt about "Mortgage".
When I translate by a dictionary it means something that I don't believe is the reality.
A believe that either Americans pay rent or mortgage.
Is mortgage the way you pay for your own house?
I've already googled it but it does not have an answer.
I wonder when this machine will be here. I hope it has a good number of titles.

The Addict said...

I'm so with you on the losing weight, since it's Thursday and still haven't had no chocolate (woohoo); however, I don't know if I can afford the traveling. On the biggest loser, they workout up to 6 hours a day. Do you think you could workout that long?


Ana said...

I've found.
Mortgage has been translated wrongly for decades here.
I knew it was not possible the meaning they give.
Financing your own house is the meaning.
They translate in a way that it's understood that you have a house but you give it to a bank in change for money. Than you keep paying them back.

Mark Krusen said...

Congrats on not having any chocolate.

The flight to Florida won't cost you any money. We will be going there as a Financial entity. I'll let you know when the check comes from Comrade Nobama.

As to working out for 6 hrs a day. That sure sounds like a job to me.

A mortgage is just like rent in a way. You get to call it "your house" but just wait till you miss 3 or 4 payments in a row.

Anonymous said...

You CAN go wrong for a dollar, you just didn't.
Dollar Store pregnancy test?
Just.Say.No. ~Mary

Stephany said...

Mortgage is the bank owns your house, and if you miss one payment you'll be harrassed, and 3 months you'll go up for auction, and foreclosure threats. They will get their money any way they can, and I came precariously close to this, talk about a nightmare, I'd rather pay rent!

end of rant!

PS it's snowing here

Mark Krusen said...


I see your point about getting a pregnancy test at the dollar store.
Justa saying no is probably the surest method.


Your comment wasn't a rant. But I agree. In the long run with everything the way things turned out. The great American dream of owning your own home is justa mirage. How much snow are you supposed to get?

Stephany said...

The weather is a mixed bag in March/April, small snow showers, hail, etc. so far nothing accumulated, it was mostly snowglobe affect. lol

Ana said...

I guess in Brazil things are a little better. They usually make arrangements so people can pay according to their possibilities.
It's hard but they don't take your house as easy as this.
Three months?
It's absurd.