Sunday, February 8, 2009

Surviving a visit from a teenager Justa barely


100_0941 This is an older picture. But you get the idea.


I survived another weekend with the Lime Green Drama Queen. I think it's more likely that she survived another weekend with me. She is 13 going on 24 and I am 55 going on 13, so you can imagine the interactions we must have had. We went to a Red Box and got a movie last night. Am I cheap or what? $1.00 for a video. That beats the $29.00 bucks Momma and I spent last week. We watched the Movie "Eagle Eye". It was pretty good, Albeit fast paced. It was  a story about how Big Brother can see everything your doing just about everywhere. It was pretty far fetched however I think some of the things Big Brother can do as it relates to tracking cell phone usage, Atm usage and stuff like that is pretty amazing. In fact I think that Big Brother might be reading this blog. In fact maybe Stan is big brother.

We finally heard from Precious Rock yesterday. I sent her an email calling her a liar liar for not getting in touch with me. HINT! Don't ever call Precious a liar!She called me here at home Fulton, Ny From her home Somewhere in Arizona and chewed me out.{Laughing} Good thing I don't live closer I think she might have found me and beat me up. Seriously though. It was good to hear from her. She is coming out of the depths of a pretty good{bad} depression and just doesn't quite feel ready to post again yet. I can relate to that. I was bound determined that I wouldn't post again but here I am. She is feeling much better and hopefully will start posting soon.

Here is a Money fun fact that was on my sidebar yesterday.

Money Fun Fact
Virgin Atlantic Airways discovered that it takes in an average of 18 cents per passenger per flight in loose change found in the plane's seats. If that figure holds for the approximate 320 million people who fly from one country to another worldwide each year, the total is about $58 million. Source:
Save Money at

Speaking of loose change Stan has been riding me pretty good lately. He is getting the upper hand. He has more practice at rambling on aimlessly. I'll have to practice on his blog  more. So as not to be accused of that practice myself, I'm Out!!


Ana said...

I did it!
I believe I have to click on "Post a comment" before the blog is fully downloaded.
It's still downloading "neocounter".
I fear PreciousRock.
She has already told me that if I dare to be next to Stan she will kill me.
I don't want her to end up in jail that's my biggest concern. lol
Good to know she is feeling better.
What a beautiful grandpa you are!
Of course Mark!
Thank you for alerting me. Now I see that he complains about CIA as a disguise.
I believe it was him who has infested this bedroom with termites because he wanted them to eat my computer.
I will stop using my cellphone.
Stay at peace.

preciousrock said...

Expect Big Sister at your doorstep if you call me a liar again. :-)

Stephany said...

Glad you survived the LGDQ or rather she survived hangin' out with you! LOL

HEY great to know you talked to PR, tell her it's easy to type it's all in her head! just kidding!

I'm glad both of you are back, and that you are helping her to get back here to the big support group.

What can I say, Stan is a master of words and wit!

Mark Krusen said...

I'm glad your starting to see the evil manipulative Stan. He sound peace loving and such but he is one of "them".

Mark Krusen said...


Welcome back!

Mark Krusen said...


I think Precious is mad at me.

Stephany said...

No one could be mad at you Mark! But you better stop dialing and hanging up LOL!

I think she needs to do laundry and get back to blogging! that's an order! :)

Stan said...

Dearest Mark:

This is from BIG BROTHER @ CIA headquarters. We are watching you from the mother ship high above, and the penguins are observing you through your home windows and Sequin Baby Blue Man Purse Super Duper Depends wearing mind.

We have planted a micro chip in your Dogs head to instruct him on how to make your life more productive. We have also planted a explosive micro chip in your brain to activate just in case you’re Dog is unsuccessful in altering your obvious adverse behavioral patterns and extreme laziness.

I have now got a signed order from première Obubba to relieve you of all life breath if you don't shape up and be nice there Mr. Grump.

From this day forward you will have dinner ready and on the table piping hot for when your wife gets home from a hard day’s work. The Dog will be walked daily until you have limped and whined your way back to his satisfaction and approval. Unfortunately the Penguins have decided the Man Basket must go, and be replaced with a cardboard man box instead. You must also do the laundry, dry, fold, and iron it; or face the dire consequences.

We do this in the name of the greater good of humanity! You better listen up this time or those few remaining functioning brain cells are toast {Laughing}.

By the way; have a great and happy day in the neighborhood.

You're Pal,

PS; Ana is next on our list; followed by Rock-a-Bully {Smirk} Whip it! Whip it good! {Laughing}

Mark Krusen said...


How did you know that's what I was doing? I think her and Stan are in on all of this subversive behavior together. They are the "ORIGINAL Blog buddies".


Thanks you just gave Momma her next honey do list! By the way are you over at Michael Phelps house typing this? Put down your munchies, stop reading the Nobama manifesto and carpool over to Arizona with us and abduct Precious. My plane will be in Monday early am. Have the Penguins pick me up please. She thinks {rightly so} that all we are writing on here is drivel.

Pyrs said...

Oh my gosh. You people are a hoot. There are inside jokes going over my head left and right. I'm just having fun standing outside here and listening in.

Stephany said...

what is life if it's not filled with good drivel? lol

Mark Krusen said...


They are over our heads too. Just jump in.

Mark Krusen said...


It's supposed to be good drivel though.

I read your post last night. It's good to see your in a nice quite place. Those walks seem to be helping.

Stephany said...

Pete--#1 thing to know: there is a man basket controversy in the male sector of this drivel spewing group! LOL

They are in complete denial that a man purse would be better.

Mark it is a good quiet place.Though not isolated, walking a few feet takes you into woods, etc. and just a hop, skip and 20 miles to seattle, you can have the best of both worlds! (noise and quiet)

The walks are helping, and wow I am shocked how far I can go now--but (whine alert!)OUCH when I sleep some nights the knees wake me up (like now!)

The walks are very therapeutic, and are a highlight of the day, imagine that coming from an ex couch potato.

Mark Krusen said...


There really isn't a controversy on man baskets. The issue is Stan{I'm a closet Liberal} and his out right refusal to admit he even has a man basket.

After all where do you leave you fanny Pack Stan? Don't tell me you have it on a hook next to the door where you leave the leash for the penquins! Oh wait. I was responding to Stephany wasn't I?

Sorry the pain in the knees is waking you up. It sounds like the pain is worth it for the therapeutic value of the walk.

Have you ever been on Traffic to check your traffic around Seattle. I use that site to check traffic around Syracuse. It's a pretty neat site.

Quinn said...

Hi Mark hope all is well
Been away studying quite a lot got work coming out of my earholes!
Love that random fact about the virgin airlines.

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

I'm not sure if you are aware of this surface they call a floor? It's great new invention for items like backpacks, shoes, whining women, dogs, old sequin blue purse toting men, and all kinds of other mundane type stuff.

Though you did mention placing a hook on the wall or door, which seems quite rational and pseudo manly of you; especially coming from a pinko raving Depends wearing card carrying communist liberal like yourself.

As for putting CIA genetically altered Penguins’ on a leash! I would like to see you try that one purely for entertainment purposes; since you would be sliced and diced like a plump spring pig with an added bonus of a high changed explosive micro planted in your cerebral cortex before you could even say Boo {laughing}.

OK, I know this is a lot of information for you to assimilate into that tormented Obubba loving feeble mind. So I will leave it at that for now. Go back to the couch and ponder bowel movements for the rest of the day.

You're Bloggery pal,

Stephany said...

Thanks for the walking support I need it! I just have to click my heels and tell myself "it's for your own good, it's for your own good"! thanks for the traffic website that might come in handy!

Where is that precious rock anyhow?

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks for stopping in. How is school going this year? Busy is good. It will keep you out of trouble!


You have left me no choice but to go to code "red" in dealing with you. Your references to my purse Is the last straw. I'm locking in operation Get Stan better known as.U.G.L.Y

is not to be confused with Ugly as in your fine Representative from the San Franscisco area.

Take off your "I am Woman" Tee Shirt and go out and sniff some of that ocean air. {Laughing profusely}

Mark Krusen said...


I use that website to check the weather and road conditions around different parts of the country where I might know someone.

It's inspiring to me knowing your walking even though you have sore knees. Keep it up

I don't think Precious is ready to come out of little cave yet. I can relate. I'll be glad when she jumps on to her blog again. I could use some help with Stan. He is quite the word smith.{That's short for man does he rattle on}

Stephany said...

I went on an early morning walk! You know it's just weird how my knees kill me all night and then I can walk like that in the day time, it's going to drive me crazy!

It snowed last night, I think walking on snow cushions the knees more, I also tripped less LOL

There's nothing we can do about Stan, he is an impossible master of word and wit, you're gonna have to garner the troops! (us, so we are toast)lol

hahaha I can't wait to see Stan's retort to the U.G.L.Y. campaign!

I may dare myself to take an evening walk now, and build up to 2 a day--guaranteed Advil at 3am then!