Friday, February 13, 2009

Justa a taxing situation!

image Yep. Momma and I are getting ready to file our taxes. Last year we bought Turbo Tax and that worked very well. We're a little nervous about using it this year though. What with buying the house last year and Cindy having to borrow from her 401k to finish the down payment.{As in they always find more money you need when you go in} We are going to take it to the accountant that we used to use. He does all the rest of the relatives taxes and we used to use him all the time when I owned my truck {OK when my truck owned me} so it's not as if we don't know what we're paying for. He is pretty good and only charges and arm. Instead of the usual arm and a leg.

Valentines day is tomorrow. It's not that I don't like the day.(I HATE it) Don't get me wrong I'm going to got out today a get something. In the past I've gotten flowers,Vermont teddy bear,and what not. I justa don't think we need to have a special day set aside for me to say I love you to my wife. I don't believe a day goes by that I don't say it. I don't need some trumped up commercialized day to tell her. That being said,If I don't get or do something "I" will feel guilty. Momma I don't think would be upset. If she was, she would never let me know it. It's just the psychological effect of thinking I'm a dirt bag for not getting her something that I cant' deal with right now. So when I meander out to let Badger out I will stop and get her something. I have no idea what that will be. By the time anyone reads this and gets back to me with an idea to die for it will be to late. So I will be out there today with all of the rest of the waited till the last day to get something husbands. image

This morning was fun and games. Mamma's drivers side door was frozen shut. We got a couple inches of Snain (snow-rain) last night and I had to scrape all the windows in both cars.Aren't I a nice guy. I go out every morning and start mamma's car and clean the windows off for her. Momma deserves it, believe me. So do you think I would be smart enough to go right back inside and get some hot water and pour it over the edges of the door? Your ahead of me, you already have the answer don't ya? Nope I climbed over from the passenger side. That was a sight to behold. I must of looked funny because if was anything like what it felt like to do it, it looked funny. I didn't know I could contort myself into so many positions. So after I got into the seat and tried to push the door open, I realized the door just wasn't going to budge with out some hot water.{why didn't I think of that before getting in the seat} Well I didn't so I had to climb back out of the car on the passenger side and waddle back inside. I got the water poured it on the door and poof, it opened. Another "If there is a hard way to do something, I will find it" moment by me.

So that is my life in the fast lane. Wasn't that worth putting aside every thing important that you could be doing right now and reading this? You have to see this video!


Stephany said...

LOL! now go dip strawberries in a melted Symphony chocolate bar, place them on wax paper and put them in the fridge for when she gets home today. Hurry !!!

Mark Krusen said...

No I'm getting off easy. I just talked to Cindy. We are going out to dinner tonight. Hey it's a little romantic! We're going to go eat where we got married. There is even a band playing.

No Stan. It's not McDonald's

Ana said...

No Stan. Not Pizza Hut either.

You found a good way to exercise. No need to go to the gym!
You are a great couple. It's amazing how we can get a picture of people just by the way they write, the things chosen to be said and not to.
Happy valentine's day for you both.

Mark Krusen said...

No one is commenting on my Man song! It is so true in my house.

Ana said...

You're the man!
When Cindy is not home...
I see!

What's going on with Stan?
I believe something is not quite right with him.

Mark Krusen said...


We're You able to see the video alright with your new computer?

ladyinred1953 said...

Wow, Mark, you look good in that red flannel shirt, and you got that song down finally, and I think you are finally believing the words you are singing, but maybe you want to trim those eyebrows! LOL Love Ya ! Cindy

Stephany said...

What did you guys order for dinner? hope you had fun!

Stan said...

Dear Readers;

I believe Cindy has stumbled onto something profound here! Mr. President U.G.L.Y.’s true identity has now been revealed. He in all reality is just an old worn out dusty bloviate puppet with an eyebrow growth problem {laughing}. At least now we know where Mark gets his powerful opinion on the zillion dollar stimulus package; since he's getting some powerful stimulus right up the old Waa-Zoo!

Now I have to wonder who his puppet Master is. Could it be his hero, hug buddy, and mentor Premiere Obubba? If that is the case, he definitely could be in line for a powerful cabinet appointment, or even become the Speaker of the House replacing Nancy Pepsi-Lib.

Yes, I know this gives all puppets a bad name and will be in future times written in the annals’ of puppetry being viewed as an abomination upon all proud and respected puppets; I'm quite sure Lamb Chops and the Muppet’s would turn over in their Man Basket's if they could see this post and what Mark and his Liberal Pinko fascist Purse toting Communist Puppet master have brought upon their hard earned, profound, and well cherished profession. But with this stated, life is a documented horrific tragedy piled upon another. This whole theme fits in well with the Valentine’s Day Myth, I’m sure this will be added to the DSM5 in due course.

Happy whatever floats your Puppet Day!

Yours Truly,

Mark Krusen said...

I had broiled fish and rice and Cindy had egg plant parmigiana. Good time was had by all.

Mark Krusen said...

It's good to see they let you out of the straight jacket to leave your comment Stan. You really should use your 15 minute break more constructively.

My weekend wouldn't have been complete without your meandering,Neanderthal induced babel. Did you check out Ana's post today? She was referring to one of your favorite past times.

By the way. Is Nancy(I'm third in Line for the Presidency) still your room mate?

Ana said...

The computer is working.
Today I tried "Second Life".
It's for the young.
They give a preview and I believe you have to spend money to enter.
Dear Lord!
My First Life is already difficult to make ends meet.
But now I can see videos and even see things clearly.
Hope you are fine!

Stan said...

Dear Mr. Puppet President U.G.L.Y.

That sick and twisted U.G.L.Y. Card carrying Member Ana; must have never heard that this type of behavior will make you go blind and drive you straight Hell in a Man Basket. {Laughing}

We all know it must be frustrating for you having to get those Depends easy pull adhesive strips undone when you are in the mood for a little Valentine’s Day Romance. I guess that is why they refer to it as a sock pocket puppet {funny, I didn't think they came in extra small with red flannel plaid prints}.

Glad you had a nice dinner with the Boss at the place you first were sentenced and convicted. Now, you know what you have to do next right (just in case you forgot as married man; it’s candles, soft music which doesn’t include Nazi marches or Bach, a crackling fire burning away in the background, a good bottle of wine/whine, chocolates, and appropriation duties{laughing}. Just take one for the puppets and be brave for once dang it.


Yours truly,

Stephany said...

What is Second Life Ana? an online dating club or something?

Mark Krusen said...


You sound pretty familiar with the operation of Depends. Is it because that is part of your night time routine before you scamper off to bed with your feety pajama's and your paper back copy of "Mein Kamphf".