Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lime Green Drama Queen Justa Rises from the Dead!

Yes folks I the Lime Green Drama Queen hath returned. I don't know what I did wrong but for some unforeseen reason I am stuck with my Uncle Mark {aka "the Grump"} this weekend. I must have really made my dad mad when I made that magazine cover of him.

image Swimming is one of the best sports you can do for your body. I like swimming because it's one of the sports I can do without failing. The fact that I haven't drowned yet must indicate that I have some skills hidden in there somewhere.I've tried Gymnastics (not), I've tried Karate (not so much), I've tried dancing(watch for me on Dancing with the stars) are you still watching?, I've played Soccer(chased butterflies ),I'm in Ski club(ok but slow learner),I've played and enjoyed softball( but I'm no Dereck Jeter), I enjoy playing basketball (I'm no Michael Jordan) so I'm left with swimming.I'm on my school swim team and have a very good time. I mostly do Freestyle and breaststroke. My best time in Freestyle has been 42.09 seconds for 50 yards and 48.32 seconds for the same distance in breaststroke. Watch out Michael Phelps. Even though he just got in trouble for smoking the wacky tobackie I would still like to be able to swim like him. I can be wacky without the tobackie!

I get to help watch the Brandonmiester this weekend. I'm going to teach him everything I know. That should take care of the first 10 minutes.But then uncle Mark will teach him everything he knows(That shouldn't take to long)I'm justa kidding!! I'm looking forward to holding the little guy. I get to do everything to fix what Uncle Mark messes up.

I first did a guest post when I was 12 years old. Now at the ripe ole age of 13 I'm finally getting to post again. I shall return.


Pyrs said...

Geez. You've got a good wit, and your not even 30! Of course, I'm thankful just to have my wits still about me. Well, at least some of them. Keep swimming. Go for the gold!
I just visited your uncles(?) blog for the first time earlier today. And I assumed the post was his as I read confusedly wondering what school he still went to! LOL -Pete

Mark Krusen said...

Yes he is my Uncle I don't like to admit it in public though.Ha Ha!

Thanks for commenting on my guest blog. I really appreciate your thoughts.


The Lime Green Drama Queen.

Stephany said...

Lime Green Drama Queens are the best! You rock! I think Uncle Mark should have to do ALL diaper duty!

I like swimming too, tell Uncle Mark it's the best exercise for the knees! :)

Mark Krusen said...

Yeah swimming is good for the knees. My foot doctor said I should do swimming for my knees and ankles.

Uncle Mark said he doesn't do diapers. He also said he's getting to the age where he'll be changing his own.

Stan said...

Dear Lime Green Bloviating Machine and Mr. Grump:

Tell Mark to get off the couch and change his own diapers. I'm sure he has a few in his sequin blue man purse. If not, check his man bowl! He must have a few extra Spiderman Super Duper Depends for the inactive adult in there in case of an emergency {laughing}. I believe Mr. Grump will take up swimming as soon as he can get to SeaWorld that has a pool that won't empty when he cannonballs into it {Smirk}. Say Hi to Shamu the killer whale for me Mr. Grump.
Keep at that swimming Lime Green and you’ll be wearing Gold or have a latex rash in no time; and stay away from that wacky tobackie or the dog might bite your nose off {laughing}. Now off to bed, it has to be too late for you to be up reading this now.

You're Blog Buddy,

Mark Krusen said...


I see your medicine has kicked in for the evening. Is all that smoke still hanging in the air from your bong. You calling someone a bloviator is like Obama blaming George Bush for everything going on now. {Helloooo! sure am enjoying the change in Washington}

The Lime Green Drama Queen is resting up now. She needs her beauty sleep. I'm up changing my Depends. Lol! Heck I shouldn't joke about that, I'm probably closer to that then I want to admit.

Stephany said...

apparently dogs can type and leave comments, I take no credit for it!

Mark Krusen said...

Apparently my dog Indy has gotten on line when I've been sleeping and left a few comments around the Internet.

If he has left a comment on your blog that sounded stupid,uneducated and just down right boring then signing my name to them I apologize.

Stephany said...

yeah dogs are so sneaky aren't they?

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

"If he has left a comment on your blog that sounded stupid,uneducated and just down right boring then signing my name to them I apologize."

And the Difference is exactly what between you and the dog? {laughing}

You're Pal,

Evan said...


Looking forward to your next post.

Fetching food and drink for nieces is good exercise for uncles (in case you didn't know).

Mark Krusen said...


The dog can manipulate Momma. I can't.

Mark Krusen said...


TLGDQ has left the bldg. Don't give her any ideas. Don't tell her I said this but it was actually fun having her here.