Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Justa road trippin!

I've been picking on my blogging buddy Stan for some time now since I've been back in blog land.(As has him on me I might add). I wanted to step above the fray a little and do Stan a favor. If any of you have ever been over to his blog,you've seen the picture of him on the side bar. Well that doesn't tell the whole story. I have Stan in a more thoughtful mode in this pictureimage . If any of you have read his post and comments in particular you will understand more where they come from. It was helpful for me to come across this picture, as I am coming to understand more his vote in the last Presidential election. His stand on Women's issues, his outlook on life and his inability to get in touch with his inner feelings. I have another picture of Stan.This was sent to me by one of the women he went out with recently.image Hey what is she mad at him about at least he was wearing a tie.







On to more important issues of the day.I drove out to Rochester Ny to go to lunch with my daughter Adrianne today. {The picture of Stan in his tie was actually one I used when I posted on missing her birthday last year} I was determined that I wouldn't miss her birthday this year. The weather was awesome today. Temps in the 50's and dry roads all the way out there. A little rain on the way back but not too bad. We went to eat at one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook it in front of you. That was way cool. We went there at 1:30 so there was no one there at all. Just the two of us at the table. I got the beef,chicken and shrimp combo and Adrianne got the beef and chicken, I'm still stuffed.  I ate it all though. Adrianne had to take more that half of hers home for later.

I bet your worried that I'm going to do a post on my grocery bill again.{laughing} Nope! I learned that lesson the hard way. Precious Rock doesn't like when I do post on grocery bill's or what I pay for my gas. So I've had to stop doing post on those two subjects. I can't really think of much else that is on my mind that I want to share today. I've been doing a lot of checking out of others blogs. It makes me feel pretty petty when I get back on and read my own. But it is what it is.


Ana said...

Don't do it with Stan.
PreciousRock will fight you.
Stan, when are you going to meet her?
Mark at the Japanese restaurant!

Stephany said...

Oh boy, i bet you are in ta-rubble now! LOL LOL!

Mark Krusen said...

Who me?

Stephany said...

PS-- I like your blog because of the way it is, what a relief to go laugh somewhere! Heaven knows it's not on my blog!

Gas prices are about 2.09 average here now! they are increasing slowly again.

Precious did you see that? oh and I found blueberry muffin mix--2 for 4 dollars.


Stan said...

Dear U.G.L.Y.

Obviously you wish to take this unsavory gamesmanship to the next level of absurdity; So please hold on to your purse, pull up those Depends nice and tight, walk over to your little sissy man basket and take some extra medication; which I believe now includes Midol, Estrogen replacement and enhancement, a XXL suppository for your retention problem and mental constipation, and nice tidy dose of Risperidal to keep those man boobs nice and perky.

Now take a nice big deep breath and hold it!

I'll be back in due time with a lambasting which just may even surprise an U.G.L.Y. stooping troglodyte unprincipled vulgar bottom feeder, and mangy repugnant rodent of this dark under world level which you have now reached.

it has been said that life is only as hard as the lengths you will steep to in demeaning and decimating another.{Smirk}

The torch flame is now lit and is shining brightly in the night sky, the fancy costumed song and dance is over as the Fat U.G.L.Y lady sings a prelude to the shows finally, and the loud cry from the masses “of let the games begin” is heard echoing throughout the land {Laughing}.


Mark Krusen said...

Well thanks Stephany,

I like your blog because of the way you write too.

Now lets stop blubbering before Stan catches us.

Mark Krusen said...

Stan sounds mad! He must have one hell of a Thesaurus. You started it Stan. With your unrelenting,unabashed,unbridled,unbelievably,
demeaning,diatribes of dimension never before seen in the annuals of mankind.

Stephany said...

yeah, shhh no blubbering or whining allowed or stan will give an inspirational mt.everest comment (like on my blog where i was whining about my walking)sshhhh, wait! i hear a strange motor whirring in the distance. could it be stan's brain, planning his next evil, evil comment!? LOL

Stan said...

Dear Mark:
Part One or Round One: Ding, Ding, Ding!

Oh,Oh. (Brilliant retort and starting jab in this foray and volley of indiscernible accolades of apologetic rambling anecdotal prattle)

Stan sounds mad (would you be referring to an angry emotional state of interrupted wrong deemed perpetrated upon myself by another, or are you stating an obtrusive mental state known as Madness) He must have one hell of a Thesaurus (a simple arrangement of alterative word variations doesn’t not constitute an ability to formulate this for mentioned talent in to a discernable pattern of direct communication). You started it Stan (Must have been your riding lawnmower reference, and definitely not your sweet hospitable demeanor). With your unrelenting,unabashed,unbridled,unbelievably,Obtuse,Overbearing,Ongoing,demented,demeaning,diatribes
( I’m impressed; you went all the way to the “U’s”, then Back to the “O’s, and then ended up with the “D’s”; which I assume was your grade point average “2.0” in school) of dimension
(Is this a "5th Dimension" reference since they had a few good tunes like “Up Up and Away in my Beautiful, my Beautiful Balloon”, or are you referring to something personally related to the totality of your life experience as in a sucking black hole type of dimension) never before seen in the annuals (I can’t believe this has never been seen in a year before {befuddled look}, Or are referring to your high school year book from 1864, maybe you are just tip toeing through the tulips in their annual bloom) of mankind (Let’s all be thankful that U.G.L.Y. members are not defined as homosapians or even in the distant realm of humanity or like species; I’m quite apologetic here Mark, but vermin as yourself do not qualify).

Clarified and corrected by you’re bloggery pal,

Mark Krusen said...


I think Stan is stalking you. He commented 1 min after you did.


I was wondering where I had heard such rambling,rambunctious,redundant,blithering, roundabout,meandering,mindless,spewings of nothingness. It's been in a Nobama speech. Are you his speech writer? I have a feeling as you go back thru your 8 track tape collection sweating profusely,with anticipatory glee that your mind can Picture your memory stretching tunes "Up Up and away" and maybe Bachman Turner overdrives "You aint seen nothing yet" vibrating,maliciously inside your noggin. But least I digress,I'll leave it here as I fear if I continue on that I would qualify as a fill in should you decide to quit your job.

Mark Krusen said...

{Laughing uproariously} God,I love spell check!

susan said...


I love your blog! I am laughing so hard I blew milk all over the monitor. Chocolate milk.

Funny that you put that picture of Stan up on Darwin's birthday, eh?

I am bookmarking you so I can follow you in blog land.

Oh yeah, thanks for visiting me.

Mark Krusen said...


I like your blog too. I've been stopping by a lot. Mostly lurking. Thanks for stopping by.

Stephany said...

Stalking? Oh no, is that who it is?! lol

I've come over to read and have a laugh at 2am here, because (I need a whining outlet!)my knee woke me up again, and my last post has left me in need of humor.

Ana said...

I never saw you whining but I can hear the

"strange motor whirring in the distance. could it be stan's brain, planning his next evil, evil comment!? LOL"

I believe that U.G.L.Y is something that Stan has created to name anything he doesn't like.
Is it?

Mark Krusen said...

Sorry Stephany,

No laughs here. Been in low ebb last day or so. I'm trying to reach down and grab something but it justa won't come out. I didn't want to hash over the same ole,same ole.

You don't look like a stalker really though.

Mark Krusen said...


Stan not only drinks the Kool aid,he makes it. If you look back a couple of my post you'll see where U.G.L.Y comes from.

susan said...

As long as U.G.L.Y. isn't the women in Stan's life he holds near and dear- and it's not my favorite blue eyed doggie- it's all good.

But is U.G.L.Y. like the "Man From U.N.C.L.E"? I have never seen a word spelled out like that before with that exception.
Happy Friday the 13th.

Stephany said...

thank goodness I don't look like a stalker LOL

Mark Krusen said...

Ok here it is for those of you that just have to know and wouldn't look back a few post. U.G.L.Y. was aimed at Stan{in jest I might ad} it means. Useless,graying,Lying,Yammerer. Look at his comments,you'll see what I mean.