Monday, February 9, 2009

It's justa bout time for baseball!

image Norm,you have to be careful with what you let people put on facebook. It is a good picture of you though.

That's right folks just about baseball time. Apparently Norm will be joining the Yankees this year. It looks like he will be the only one not on Steroids. Man what a year. First we elect the least Qualified man in America to be the President. Then we find out that the "Best" Player in baseball is on Steroids. It appears that neither one of them were what they were made out to be were they? It's time for me to start thinking about baseball all ready because the Syracuse basketball team is into their late season swoon.

I went to the Chiropractor today. He did his normal put heat on my back, bend me this way and that. 15minutes in and out. It(my hip) isn't getting any better. If any thing it is getting worse. I haven't gotten my report back from the Independent Medical Examiner yet so I asked my Chiro (Dave) if he had heard anything yet. He checked and he had gotten the report. He read it and told me that they agree with the treatment and continue what we're doing for at least 5 more months. I find it amazing. It has been 2 years now with no end in sight. {Stan is really going to have some ammo to calling me a Liberal now.}

Speaking of Useless. What do you guys think of this Stimulus bill? I just don't see the jobs for the average Joe {Or Mark} in there. Building roads, bridges,and schools and such is not going to put back to work the majority of the people that have been laid off. You don't just take someone that was working in a factory screwing in a few bolts on an assembly line then turn them into a person working on a bridge. And putting all our medical records on to a computer so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can hack into them. I'm not thinking so! That will create a lot of jobs also. What maybe 10.

I reread this post I'm starting to sound a lot like Harry Reid. Cranky,bitter,and totally clueless. I better stop while I'm behind.


Pyrs said...

WARNING! What you are about to read was written solely for my own amusement and possibly for that of the readers of it, though I doubt it. No bias was intended, nor was there any intention on my part to put down any demographic, gay, straight, men, women, humans in general, plants, animals, minerals and/or vitamins. I'm serious! (At least that's what my psychiatrist told my handlers.)

Thanks for the laughs. I love your posts. But I have no idea what they mean or what the answers are. I have no head for finances or national economic progress like you. I've been a reluctant geek career-wise, so I've got no manly blue collar ties, i.e. truck driving... though I do flash my lights to let the truckers know it is safe to pull in front of me when passing. It makes me feel so good when they flash their lights back in response... gives me the warm fuzzies when I am rewarded for doing my patriotic duty in helping the roads to be a safer place for everyone. But I digress... I have quite an artistic/creative side, which would throw me in with the 'Crats. But I'm not gay. (Just a fact I wanted to throw in there, mixed with humor... I am not saying that if I were gay that somehow... oh nevermind!) I've always been socially and environmentally conscious, from due to my version of the Christian faith (which is correct) because of the way I read the beginning of Genesis about God giving men and women the responsibility for "tilling and keeping" the planet... to be stewards and caretakers, not merely consumers... giving back and preserving it. And socially Jesus was pretty concerned about the common folk, the poor, the downtrodden, the whores, the adulterers, etc. I've sort of fit in with all of those categories at some point in my life. So obviously with all that said, I should be a Democrat through and through. But I've always leaned conservative. I don't know why, I just have. I have other mental issues too as you are probably coming to realize. But one thing I've learned, is that a lot of harm can be done to the poor, the economy, the environment, etc. by very well-meaning folk who simply have terrible plans deviced solely from the heart and with no input from those with an educated opinion. And I think both things must be consulted... hearts (bleeding or otherwise) & brains (may even include some Democrats). Unfortunately, I was born to mostly go with my feelings, my heart, and not my intellect. And I have so much to settle in my own life, I can't even begin to figure out who should be running this country and what they should be doing and how. That is why I am glad that you and Stan primarily have that covered for me. And I do hope you continue to increase your time and efforts in the areas of national security and economic recovery. I really do. We need as many heartless people as possible to help the rest of us make rational choices so that the survival of this country may be ensured. God bless you for all you do for the mothercountry and the fatherland. One of your recent converts and devoted followers... that last part is for real. - Peter (Pyrs)
P.S. Sorry for blogging on your blog. But no one reads mine. And I'm too serious on my own sight.

Mark Krusen said...


First off all. I read your site all the time. I don't comment a whole lot on other people's till I get to know them and they know me some.

I'm a bit twisted in the head. My way of thinking doesn't match up with very many. I take different stances on many issues. It depends on the day of the week. {Laughs}

Don't ever apologize for expressing yourself here. All comments are welcome. Hell I even print Stan's comments. Beware, He is a closet Liberal. I wonder what else he does in that closet?Hmmmm.

Keep plodding along on your blog, your doing great. Also keep commenting on others you have a worthwhile opinion. I tend to lean more towards a conservative bent however I like to consider myself an Independent.

Thanks for stopping by again we'll check in with you later.

Stephany said...

Speaking of small business ventures and the All-American sport--I was owner of a baseball card shop and was squeezed out by 2 Target stores opening within 5 mile radius; don't believe anything you hear about how "nice" Ken Griffey Jr. was/is...he was a complete A@@ to the kids, wouldn't sign autographs at Spring training and was caught saying the kids were damn annoying. Somehow, baseball heroes just don't have it anymore in my book; take A-Rod and the steroid admit this week. What a crock and for those paychecks!

I know I am an independent thinker and I don't believe Obama will do a thing about health care or, other real people stuff. I heard him speak on purpose to see what he had to say to an old woman like me and he had the worst canned answers:

1.If I am elected all teachers will receive higher pay.

(really? show me the money)

2. All Americans will have health insurance.

(really? I seriously doubt health care reform will happen in 4 yrs.)

3.(the big ticket item promise)

If I am elected, the war will END.

He said those things in June 2007, the clock is ticking!

End of my current events discussion, this is taxing on the mind!

Mark Krusen said...

That is neat that you owned a card shop. To bad it ended the way it did.

I can't believe the way these "superstars" act. For the money they are getting they should be available more to the kids especially. I mean 100 million dollars you could spend an hour or so after the game giving autographs I would think.

It was nice to see you step out to express your thoughts.{Particuarly since they match mine}{grin}

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

So now you’re the purse toting socialist president of U.G.L.Y. (Universal Grandiose Liberal Yeah-who's). After rechecking your blog picture; I can see clearly why you were the perfect candidate to lead this group of whack jobs and communist subversives.
For a minute there I thought Pete was going to dawn his sequin pink man purse, a tight flashy Speedo, and skip down the yellow brick road to join you on the couch with his new box of Special Depends for Whiners; celebrating his new membership in your sick twisted little bastion of feminist Nazi liberal drivel and drabble U.G.L.Y. {laughing}. I could even envision you both sitting cozy there on the couch singing Comb-Bah-Yah my Premiere, and roasting cocktail wienies {Smirk}. Be careful Pete; the Dog will bite your nose off {Rolling on the floor laughing}
Now I’m still wondering where Pete got his pop up version of the Bible. I’m sure the Sodom and Gomorra book/chapter was a Hoot! Plus as an added bonus; going through Genesis would be like flipping through a face book directory {laughing}.
Then without warning he went right wing nut with some loose screws on you and said this quote "We need as many heartless people as possible (I can only surmise he was referring to the Grand UGLY himself Mr. Krusen) to help the rest of us make rational choices so that the survival of this country may be ensured."
You know Première Obubba is looking out for you Mark, he Has a background as a community leader and activist, So all that economic and national security stuff will be a piece of cake when he can find someone in his party to help that has actually paid his taxes. I’m sure Billy Boy (smoke my Cuban cigar with the blue dress on, devil with the blue dress on “catchy tune” is waiting in the wings with Secretary of State Billary if the need arises).
I hear through the CIA grapevine that they may combine and dissolve U.G.L.Y. into FEMA to advert and manage the next Black Friday Shopping disaster at Wally-World.
Now seeing as I have a level 10,000++ security clearance giving me excess to all spy satellites, our complete nuclear arsenal, and the secret covert multi-trillion dollar Penguin experiment (and you actually thought the stimulus package was about the average Joe and creating jobs! You are just such a Silly Goose sometimes President U.G.L.Y.).
Anywise, if this U.G.L.Y deal doesn’t work out for you, there is always that cabinet position of Health and Human Services Director (I guess they can’t find a Dumocrat in the working class 30,000 to 100,000 dollar a year range to fill that slot since most pay their taxes; and everyone else is either getting bailed out by the government or doesn’t pay taxes in the first place). There is also an opening for a “Fetch it Boy” for Nancy Pepsi-lib in Washington DC (Seeing as you have the same taste in purses that could work out super for you). Of course being a fry cook @ Mickey D’s is an honorable vocation also. I gather the options appear endless as a beautiful rainbow on your own private horizon (almost like a bright light speeding at you at the end of the tunnel and the calming sound of a train whistle blowing like heck), now that you’re a Fat Cat Big Wig in U.G.L.Y. and so awfully special {Laughing}.
Gratitude and thanks must be streaming in from across the entire blog world and every corner of this planet in humble gratitude of your solutions to our economic crisis, domestic agenda, and national security problems. And to think just a short time ago you were just a regular guy with a simple man basket, a sequin blue purse, and few super duper Depends for the inactive adult, half a nose, lying on the couch with a dream. You are a true American success story and a surprise inspiration to everyone in a keyboards reach of this blog.

You’re Humble Bloggery Pal,

Mark Krusen said...

Your an A.S.S.(Always,simply,Stupendous) This is one of your best mini blogs {comments} in a while I laughed my butt off all the way through it.

I told you not to take the red pill. You didn't listen did you?

From the camera angle. It looks like you are sitting there in your pink jumpsuit with your JC Penny loafers on. It looks like you have yellow socks and a "Harvey Milken Rocks" hat that doesn't quite cover the earring on your right ear. All that being said.

Thanks for your continued participation in U.G.L.Y. and I'm sure you'll fill the role of President quite nicely in the coming year.

Pyrs said...

I've been laughing so hard my head aches. Best time I've had in some time. (I know, that's really sad.)

Mark Krusen said...


Laughing is how I get through life. If I didn't laugh, I'd be crying probably.

Stephany said...

The first step to recovery, at least based on my life was to laugh and to laugh out loud.

Lord have mercy Stan and Mark, my head is spinning!