Saturday, February 28, 2009

300th post

Today is my 300th post since I've been in the blogesphere. I wanted to make it special so here you go:

My 300th post



Herrad said...


Happy 300 th post.



Richie said...

An outstanding post!
This is a sign of the times!

ps I am offered the option of choosing an identity- May I have a the identity of a devilishly hansom twenty two year old millionaire?

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks. How's life treating you today?

Mark Krusen said...

Consider it done.

Ana said...

Yippee! Yippee!
Nice picture.
I'm getting frustrated. Lots of blog buddies live in houses.
I live in an apartment and would love to have a garden, three dogs outside...
In my dreams...
Be careful with termites Mark!
That's the only problem. Well... Do you have to much insects at your house other than roaches? what about frogs? Any rat? Snake at the neighbour... spider... (I love spiders!)

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

That's 299.75 to many! Stop what you call good work {Laughing}


Stephany said...

wow now that's some post! ha ha

Mark Krusen said...

My feelings are hurt. I spent a lot of time on this post and you guys are making lite of it.

Ana said...

I was not making fun. sniff sniff
You didn't answer my questions.
buááááááá (Brazilian Portuguese for crying like a spoiled baby - how is it in English?)
You will not answer this one too.
buáááááááááááááá.... sniff sniff

Mark Krusen said...

The closest thing to a rat in the house is Cindy. {oh oh did I say that out loud?} As for the other things you ask about I haven't seen any yet.

Our crying like a spoiled baby is similar to yours it must be a universal language. Lol!

As far as living in an apartment.There is nothing wrong with that at all. Heck I would rather live in one myself. I wouldn't have to shovel snow, mow or worry about repairs then. It is kind of nice not having any partying Brazilian chicks,chasing necked repair men around at all hours of the day and night.

Ana said...

LOL Mark!
Have you seen that film with Diane Keaton that she moves to a tiny city to a house and she discover she had no water?
She called the "repair man" and he said that the well was empty.
She said:
"Great! Fill it with water."
"No Madam. We have to..."
He explains everything and says it will costs $U 5.000,00...
She faints...
Wakes up at a physician's office.
She says a lot of personal things to him and she founds out he was a vet.
Of course it is a movie... she starts making apple food for children gets rich and marries the... vet.
Moral (according to the circumstances presented here):
1)It takes a handyman to know the vet:
2) It takes a small town to become rich;

Mark Krusen said...

I saw that movie.It was pretty good.

Are you going to start going to the vet now instead of the MD? Heck it might be better off if we did.

Stephany said...

brazilian chicks chasing naked men...what has this blog become!? LOL

I think I may go photograph a post in honor of this one for ya Mark. Be right back. I'll put it on Koda's blog.

Stephany said...

PS-- well now, it's darker outside than I realized, that will be a 'rain check' post for you!

preciousrock said...

Dear Mr. Krusen,

This is your most impressive post to date!

preciousrock said...

I live in an apartment too. Sometimes I would rather have a house, but then I see the repairs and upkeep my parents and sister and bro-in-law have and I think, hmmmm, I'm glad I rent.

Speaking of termites, my parents have gotten them several times and it is NOT a good thing. They are nasty little critters.

Ana said...

You see?
This is the way Brazilian women are considered. I hate Sonia Braga being in US. She says lots of nonsense in interviews.
Now we have Giselle...
I guess I will have to write a couple of posts showing real Brazilian women.


I have already though about if. Vets treat animals. We are animals.. why not?

You are right. A house requires lots of repairment and it costs too much.
I hope your parents find a way to get rid of termites. They fly! This is one of the big issues.
If these are the kind that like wood they have to search for what kind of wood they like and try to avoid it.
There is another kind that also eats the walls...


ladyjane64 said...

Brought a tear to my eye, no really I come here daily looking for a little wisdom from my elder and it honestly brought a tear to my eye. Oh well there's always the Mrs. LOL NICE!!!!!

Mark Krusen said...

If you come here looking for wisdom your in deep deep do do.

Ana said...

Sandy is right. We have to tell what we've learned through our journey...
I guess I have one thing:
always have a plane B if possible a C and D!
Life has a course of it's own and you don't have control over it.
You have to change directions constantly.
Your turn Mark!

ladyjane64 said...

Thanks Ana, not too many people tell me I'm right. I'm always changing course through my journey of life. Sometimes I don't even get enough time to come up with the next plan. But a couple things I do are.... only take one day at a time cause that's all I can handle. I read scripture and the Mr. & Mrs. Justa's blogs daily. I almost always get inspired and sometimes a few good laughs.
Here's to 300 more Marky!!!!! Luv Sandy

The Addict said...

I meant "That" is a remarkable milestone.

Mark Krusen said...

Norm tells you your right all the time doesn't he? There has to be someone right in that house.

ladyjane64 said...

Yah everbody but me.ha ha