Monday, February 23, 2009

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Money Fun Fact
You know that the odds of winning the lottery are not good, but do you realize how difficult it is? If you purchase 50 Lotto tickets each week, you will win the jackpot every 5,000 years. Source:
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Those odds aren't very good are they? They were about the odds of a girl saying yes if I asked her to dance back in high school.  But do you know what the odds are if you don't buy a ticket? Momma and I buy $4.00 worth of lottery tickets a week.{Ok more counting the scratch offs} that's our one vice that we allow ourselves. We don't smoke or drink so allow me at least one vice.

I was pretty busy today. I had to go back to my Orthopedic Dr. today. Actually it was his Nurse Practitioner I saw. She took a couple X-rays of my knees. It showed Arthritis which is what I already knew. She continue to maintain that I am Permanently partially disabled. The Independent Medical Dr. I went to a few weeks ago wrote on his report that I was Temporarily partially disabled. Some where in between lies the truth. After that I had to come back across town to the Chiropractor. He did his twist and crunch thingy he does and said see you in three weeks. You know as I look back on this paragraph I realize that I lead a pretty mundane life right now. Besides sitting at this computer,watching the boob tube less and less. I ain't got much else going on. Pretty soon I'll be down to typing  "nothing going on today see ya tomorrow". 


Stephany said...

LOL that cartoon is funny!

preciousrock said...

Dear Professor:

I would think you could quit worrying about your disability and your income with the soaring sales of the Professor U.G.L.Y. Doll. Now if you could get those depends off back order you would really be rolling in the dough.

Love and Kisses,
Your Precious Rock

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

I had a good friend that had early onset disabling Arthritis; the many doctors he went too for this condition encouraged him to keep exercising and keep the joints moving; with their theory being that the joints freeze up if not kept in motion and used regularly.

I'm not your Doctor, would honesty not want to be, or am going to tell you what to do in regards to your health, but I thought I would mention it, since it does relates to your condition.

Why the serious post, because you’re always placed in a win/win lose/lose situation in the bloggery world. If you are humorous and having some ribbing fun; there are those that ask you to be more serious; then when you start to write serious; they tell you that it is boring and you need to be more lighthearted and funny.

My answer to them is this: I'll be and write whatever I damn well please to be and write. If they don't like it, then don't read it. Pretty simple I would say!

Of course this means subjects including my own blog post. I guess, sometimes it’s better to have enemies and know where you stand, than have friends and not know your standing in quick sand!

I think someone that posted their list from the word game, might have got it wrong on # 15; but then it was their list!

Now as for the Rock, it has become quite obvious I have nothing to worry about in this area, since I have graduated from high school and don't have to borrow my mother's car to get around. {Laughing}


Mark Krusen said...


It's not so much the income I'm worried about. Although it is important to bring money in.Do my part so to speak. It's the lack of self worth. I used to be defined by my job.It's something I did for 27 years,and was very good at. Although in the last 10 to 15 years the Truck Driver being A "knight of the Highway" was washed away by a new generation of drivers,it was still something that was constructive to be doing and necessary.I'm sure I'll land on my feet so to speak and get a job of some sort when this Workman's compensation thing has run it's course. It's just that this last two years has been a little trying. NO WAY as trying that You and others have had or are having, but for someone that had a work ethic like I had and then to be feeling like I'm on the dole so to speak. It has been rather rough. So like I used humor and tenacity to get me through the years I was away from home. I will probably use it to get through this. Whew! Sorry for the Rant.

As to the problem with the doll.I checked and your credit has been reapplied to your card.Your now free to purchase the other more inferior doll. The Stanley Steemer.

Mark Krusen said...


You seem like such a gentle,loving and caring person. Why do you lower your self to the level of someone like myself and My evil twin Stan,to come and read the drivel that we put out on this blog.Either in post or comment?

Mark Krusen said...


Why wouldn't you want to be my Doctor? I would like to be your's. The first procedure would be a Lobotomy.{chuckling}

I agree with you about the Humor vs Serious nature of post. You have a lot of knowledge in the Mental Health field and the ability to express yourself quite profoundly.
At the same time your ability to inject humor is exemplary.You need to continue to do what you do.

I don't know who your referring
to when you say the direction they would like your post to go in...for me anyway I like a mixture of humor and serious with just a touch of Mania.

As to picking on the Rock. Yes you did graduate high school. But to finally do it after 5 years as a senior is nothing to brag about.

Stephany said...

drivel makes my day complete. LOL

Mark you said: "Do my part so to speak. It's the lack of self worth. I used to be defined by my job."

That, is so true of so many people, just understanding that about yourself I feel is healthy.

It's hard to not define ourselves with our jobs/roles in life. After my daughter's nightmare began to settle down, I had a new role that had defined me for so long, I hardly new how to think anymore about "who I was"...that permanent advocate/warrior to keep her safe in hospitals started to define me. At times, I didn't know what I like to do anymore. Hobbies, and things that most ppl do--I didn't even do "girly" stuff like manicures, window shopping...I lost my sense of self.

I imagine this might be how you feel sometimes. But what I see as an outsider for what it's worth(now have you fallen asleep reading this? lol)you have a good family network, friends, and a supportive spouse, so maybe it's just a time for a new beginning of a new chapter? (new hobby or book club, or business venture such as all purpose blow up dolls and purses)LOL

preciousrock said...
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preciousrock said...

Dearest Mark:

Rant away! You have a lot to overcome in your situation and I'm sure I would be depressed and despondent at the permanent loss of a career also. We are here to support you, both in the humor department and otherwise.

Love, PR

Mark Krusen said...

Stephany and Precious,

It's in reading your blogs and seeing your determination that has inspired me {hell even Stan says something intelligent from time to time}I haven't really taken the time to search my soul. Maybe I'm afraid of what I'll see in there if I look.

Although I must say Precious your describing Stan as a "Jackass" is the most accurate one I've seen to date.

And Stephany,your not an outsider your one of the family.

Stephany said...

aww thanks, then can i come over for pot pie dinner tonight!?

i'll be out all day today, see ya later!

Mark Krusen said...

Nope.Pot pie is Weds.I hope you enjoy your walk. No whining.

Merelyme said...

Hello...just came over from Susan's blog. I will have to read more of you. I was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the fall of 2007. I am still wondering what it all means. Anyways...nice to meet you. If I didn't have a computer I don't know what I would do.

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks for stopping by we get a little crazy over here sometimes.But the crazies that comment here are some of the nicest people you will meet.Check out their sites and you will see what I mean.

Sorry for your diagnosis of MS has it progressed very far? I'll stop over and check out your blog to see what your up to.

The Addict said...

I've been on disability since 2002. I had my own business and lost it all. It's now 8 years later and I still feel the need to do "something." I'm bipolar and suffer from fibromyalgia. My doctor has suggested taking one class at a time for my own enjoyment, possibly to learn another language. Take a computer class to help me learn more about what the heck I'm doing on here. I just got an apple Imac and believe me, I think I need a class just for it. I don't know if the feeling will ever go away. Mine hasn't. I stay on my computer most of the day. I don't shower everyday like I use to when I worked. I take naps during the day but I take a lot of meds. I've gained weight and (as my blog states) am addicted to the devil chocolate. I've just learned to "twitter" and feel as if I have accomplished something big.

I'm trying to meet new people as I've never blogged I've mostly played games online. Then I read another bipolar's blog that had you listed on it and here I am. Hope I helped a little.

The addict

Mark Krusen said...


Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. I will be visiting your blog also. Thanks for sharing some of your story. I can really relate to some of the things you wrote in your comment as I'm in the same boat somewhat.

Mark Krusen said...


I got your comment and shall honor your request. You really need to not beat yourself up though.Let us do it for you.{ha ha} Your a very giving person.

I just think some things got lost in the translation somewhere. No worries. Don't change a thing about yourself. I for one am honored to be able to converse with you. Heck you are speaking at least 2 languages. I can't even handle the one I was born with. Just ask Precious.

Ana said...

Thank you Mark.
I also like you very much.
I also speak French but as I'm too close with English I have to practice because I can understand but when I'm about to speak English comes to my mind.
It's strange.
I would like to have my brain scanned when I'm talking English, French and my own language.
Yes! I don't know why but when I'm in English mode I feel as if I'm using a part of my reason that has nothing to do with the French mode and my own language.
I believe that because French and Portuguese are both Latin languages they have some kind of influence on the way we process them.
Don't tell it to any psychiatry or scientist, please!
I beg you!
They will surely start selling a drug for learning languages and they would come after me to study my brain!
Don't let them Mark!
Don't let them!

Stephany said...

Hey Merelyme, you've found a fun place to hang out.

PS-- Stan is not a jack@@@.

preciousrock said...


Mark's right. He can't even handle the language he was born with. I have to grit my teeth every time I read his posts. I wish he would send them to me for editing before posting. :-)


Mark Krusen said...

Ms. Rock,

Don't hurt your teeth. I are not dum.