Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Credit Report...

image We are right on schedule to break some snowfall totals.Our local weather geek Jim Teske has a write up on his weather blog. We're still looking at 2 more ft if we get what the averages are for the rest of the year. Any body want to switch houses for the next two months?

Every time I let Indy out to "go to the potty".(Hey that's how he says it) he bugs me to go "bye bye in the car" So I had to run down to the thruway authority to talk to them about an over charge on my bill.Indy said he'd he'd like to tag along so...They had me getting on the thruway in Albany N.y. which is about 150 miles east of here. We never go that far away from home.  Long story short they're going to credit me. Hey $10 bucks is $10 bucks. On the way down every time I stopped at a light Indy would want me to roll the window down so he could stick his head out . He  stays looking out the window till it gets to be to much wind. Usually about 40 mph or so. When he sticks his head back into the car he looks like he was in a wind tunnel. You ever notice that if you blow into your dogs face that it bugs him and he turns his face a way,but he'll stand there for 10 mins and let the wind blow in his face when riding in the car.

I almost got momma to break tradition last night. No not that dirty minds! (Hey at my age getting lucky means Cindy goes to bed before I do.) Any way! No, on the way home Cindy and I were yakking  on the cell phone which we do at least half of her way home from work. I made the effort to try to convince her that we should go out to eat last night. Her response was. "But it's Pot Pie night!" Waaaa... So Stephany. We did have our traditional Wednesday night dinner. Beef Pot pie and a veggie (Canned Peas). I have to admit it was pretty good a-g-a-i-n. $5.00 for dinner is a little better than the $20 something we would have spent. For some reason it's a tradition now.

You know when you get a song in your head that just won't leave? Well I've got one in there now that has been banging around for a couple of days. You would think it would be something like, ''Give peace a chance'' or "We are family'' or some such uplifting song. Nooooo not me. I've had that commercial for "Free Credit Report dot com.'' running through my noggin. Isn't that pathetic?


Richie said...

I have an advertising jingle permanently lodged in my head
"Here is a carpet you can afford from Cyril Lord"
Sung in a very pompous upper class English accent. It goes a way but if I meet a Cyril...
Cyril Lord Carpets went broke in about 1970- I am 49 now.
You may say advertising works but to my knowledge I have never purchased a fitted carpet in my life.

Tommy said...

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The Addict said...

Wanna have some fun? (no not that you dirty minds). Since you have that song stuck in your head, sing it out loud to Indy and watch the expressions on his face. He'll think you've went nuts.

Whenever I sing or hum out loud my boxer makes all kinds of faces I wish I could catch with the camera but when I turn the camera on it makes this sound and when she hears that sound she goes completely crazy. Have fun!

Stephany said...

Well now i know i can count on pot pies if i ever travel that way on a weds. LOL

It snowed here last night!

PS-- since my medical bankruptcy last July (which took all last spring to gather documents for, alas I was being sued by a credit card company)these topics give me such anxiety, I have clammy hands while typing!

Go out to dinner tonight, what the heck!

Jim said...

You naild it Just Krusen. Although now that I think about it, even condems are not manufactured here in the good old USA.

Mark Krusen said...

I hate advertising. I wish you could fast forward thru the advertisements.

Believe me you don't want to get me singing. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Doesn't look like you got to much snow as I look on the traffic cams.We went out to lunch today instead. I think it was nice for Cindy to get away from work for an hour.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.

preciousrock said...

Love the cartoon, Mr. Justa. Wish I could have some of that snow! I'll trade ya for a week, OK. Only problem, I don't have the ingredients for Weds pot pies in my apartment so you and Cindy will have to go to the grocery store when you get here.

Mark Krusen said...

Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 5:32. Arrives there in Arizona at 8:30. We're leaving the pets here.They come with the house exchange. We'll even have a pot pie in the freezer for ya.

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

That rendition of “I am Women, hear me roar" you sang; scared more than half the wild fowl from the eastern portion of the US.
Yet, one happy prancing Nancy Pepsi-lib was seen skipping furiously in your direction. {Laughing}

Advertisements are a lot like governments; they make a bunch of fancy promises and sing some nice sounding jingles directing you to the horse manure; which sadly most of the time leaves you in a bad state of real disappointment, and with a whole lot less cash in your pocket.

Are not economic globalization, free trade agreements, and free markets just grand? At least they are if you are in the top earning 1% of the population.

Yours Truly,

Mark Krusen said...


Your just mad because your taxes are going to go up. Your probably still getting royalties from that movie you starred in in the 1990's.That was "The return of the Nerds" wasn't it?

One more issue Stan!! Tell me this ain't true. We're you really a back up singer in Tiny Tims band?

ladyinred53 said...

If you are going to jingle the "free credit report dot com" song, I do insist you play the ukulele, wear a funky outfit with knickers, and sing in a sea food restaurant. I want the whole image.
I am waiting! Cindy

Stephany said...

Thank Barry Manilow for most of the jingles we want to barf when we hear!

I live 800-1000ft altitude, so i have more snow than the average traffic cam will show--we had 2-3 inches here, and it's still on the ground, but not i go off of the hill.

(i'm over the hill already)

3 free credit reports per year, one from each major credit company is what we are all entitled to; so give em a ring and get one! i learned that in bankruptcy class (that was SO fun)

Cindy, that makes me think of the scene in Best Friends Wedding--where the wedding party sings at a seafood place

Mark Krusen said...


Stan is going to be mad at you. Picking on his role model.

Are you admitting to being over the
hill? (laughing)

Stephany said...

lol yeah i'm over the hill alright!