Sunday, January 18, 2009

Justa fun day with the Badgemiester and Brandon!

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Can you tell what we did on Saturday? Badger seems a little perturbed  at me. Brandon on the other hand was cheering on the Syracuse Orangemen as they were beating Nortre Dame.

Lazy day today. Just checking out other blogs. I had a long winded whine session I was going to put on here. Instead I decided to Post these pictures and say. See ya later


ladyjane64 said...

Nice....that's all just "nice"

Mark Krusen said...

What's nice. The pictures or the fact that I decided to leave the long winded whine session out? Lol!

ladyjane64 said...

That's for you to figure out.

Mark Krusen said...


Stephany said...

It's great to see you, now start walking 90 minutes a day! I've worked up to that the last month or 2; and my whining is minimal (LOL)

What a cutie the baby is!

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

Well, Burt Reynolds you’re not! So some magazine Center Fold Layouts and a lucrative modeling contract don't look to be in your employment future anytime soon. But at least the dog looks keen and aware of his surroundings {laughing}. Just another one of the liberal dumocrat coach potatoes’ it appears to me. No wonder our economy is cruising along in such high gear {Smirk}.

So I guess the next obvious question a psych Doctor would ask! How many fingers am I holding up? I guess its back to the therapist couch for you Mr. Krusen {Laughing}.

Are Orangemen just twisted green aliens in disguise? Too bad the poor kid doesn't have a Dodger, USC, or UCLA Jersey so he would grow up with a healthy self esteem and motivation to lead the Independent Party to the White House in 2046.

Your pal and reality check,

Mark Krusen said...

If I walked 90 minutes there had better by an oxygen mask at the half way point. My knee injury prevents me from doing it anyway.[How is that for an excuse?]

Brandon does have a Dodger Jersey.(What do you think he uses to clean up with after he Upchucks)and another thing Stanley. I won't take a check from you reality or otherwise.[Smirk]Cash only.

Stephany said...

Trust me, I understand about the knees!