Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your justa sore winner!

image I like this cartoon. I think that guy standing here voted for Obama. I liked you Dumocrats better when you were in the minority. You guys are like Boston Red Sox fans. "You forgot where you came from". The Messiah(Obama) isn't even in office yet and you have him walking on water. I'm willing to give the guy a chance but don't put him on that pedestal just yet. His stimulus package is just smoke and mirrors. What jobs will it really create. Sounds like to me the Union boys in the construction trades will be making out pretty good. (Pay back for the votes) When they get their hands on health care watch out. You have invited the Fox into the hen house. Billary is back, Daschle is back hell the whole set up looks like a Clinton family reunion. Of Course Vince Foster won't be there will he Billary. Some one keep an eye out for some girl named Monica. I guess they could bring her into the administration. She could be in charge of "pubic affairs" I mean "Public affairs" sorry.

Ladies Stan from Is Something not quite right with Stan Claims not to have a "Man Basket" and claims to still be a virgin. It is scientifically impossible to have that combination of things and still be bipolar. Because things that have happened to Stan lately tells me he has really been screwed by the system.(Sorry Stan that counts, Just because you didn't smile while it was happening, doesn't mean anything). Also the security camera we all pitched into buy to keep an eye on Stan, clearly shows a man bowl on his dresser.

Cindy and I went to breakfast with my Buddy Shawn and his wife today. It has become our every Saturday thingy that we do. I had a to die for Greek Omlet. We also got to watch Brandon again to day. I got to feed him. (No Stan I didn't breast feed him) We're getting ready to eat then go get groceries so I'll cut it off here. Precious if you read this I hope your feeling better. Hi Donna and Steve. Oh and hi to you President Elect Obama I know you are reading my blog. Thanks for that.

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Stephany said...

LOL Mark thanks for the laugh. Yeah Stan, just where is that man basket?

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

I believe King Obama only stopped by because you were lactating. You know those dumocrats will suck you completely dry one way or another {Laughing}. Of course unless you’re a Wall Street bank; then Billions are tossed your way in the name of Good Old Big Brother Watching. I just love living in an utter nanny state pseudo democracy.

By the way, EBAY bidding is now at 3.4 million for my pure bodily essence. Damned Fluorinated water is just another one of those pinko liberal communist plots anywise. So I decided to drink nothing but pure grain alcohol or rain water. I figure with my well earned millions I will soon be able to afford to buy a solid gold man box to place my manly things in.

Now go record some CNN far left propaganda, sit in your lazy boy being brain washed, and take your pills.

You’re Pal,

Mark Krusen said...


We're just one terrorist attack away from becoming a Banana Republic.

They don't have to attack us from without. They've parked the Trojan horse (Jackass) firmly in Washington.

Independently yours.