Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm justa in a kneedy mood

I'm still on Workmen's comp for my knee injury. It will be two years in February.100_0586That blows my mind. It was supposed to be a simple arthroscopic surgery then back to work in a few weeks. I'm not going to go over the whole sequence of events as it is covered in other post. But in this two year period, I've gone to the Emergency Room because I had the tip of my nose bitten off by our dog Carmel,and two stints in the looney bin after a couple deep depressions. So I'm not laid off, But I believe that soon Workmen's comp will want to settle and I will need to go back to work. I can't return to Truck driving which is somewhat of a disappointment as I made pretty good money doing that. So as I look at the economy tanking is does give me some pause as to my blight. I know others have it far worse that me, at least Cindy has a decent job. My self worth is tied into my not working though. When you've done something for almost 30 years it's kind of hard to wake up every day and not go to work.(Aren't those some awesome looking legs).

There are a couple of pieces of good news for those of us that live in the fine state of New York. First of all. Ding Dong the witch is dead, ding dong the witch is dead... Billary Clinton has left the building. She will no longer clog up a Senate seat. She was a do nothing Senator. We can only hope she will take those same skills to the state department. The second piece of good news is that Carolyn(I'll use my Kennedy name) will not becoming to further waste the seat. I'm sick and tired of all the games they play in politics. I think I'll buy an Island somewhere and start my own country. Is anybody with me? No. I didn't think so. Oh well.

The rumor is true. The Lime Green Drama Queen will be coming over this weekend. Watch for her upcoming post.100_0663


Stephany said...

Well is that lime green DQ a teen? because that is what I always called my youngest daughter that I write about! she used to be full of herself, loud and silly, and would wear lime green and she named "us" the 'Lime Green Team'.

Have fun with the grandbaby too, and PS--don't tell anyone that pushing a stroller is actually your walk for the day! now get started! lol

I have a bad knee from a car accident and the other knee injured in a psych ward parking lot where a speed bump collided with it, (how did that happen, I;m not a klutz)

Mark Krusen said...

the "Lime Green Drama Queen" is indeed a teen.She's 13 going on 21.

Sometimes I think I'm justa being a pansy with my knee. I'm 55 now and had never been hurt before . I can't stay on my feet more than about 10 min without it hurting though. Hmmmmm.

Stephany said...

Did you ever do any physical therapy sessions for the knee? when mine was ripped up after the car wreck that was how I got the strength and pain to stop. Back then, I couldn't walk or bend my knee and after rehab was able to run 5 miles a day and do jumps on ice (skating). (was a teenager)Now that knee has been hurting, but strange, when running and hopping around the basketball court it doesnt hurt. It's strengthening the area around the knee. Just a thought (justathought lol)It is hard when life takes a turn we least expected, but I'm learning more and more than those turns are times for good possibilities and outcomes.Change is hard, but things can only get better.(and I understand about your work "defining who you are" even made me feel that way after taking care of my daughter for so many years--I had to "find myself" again, because that role started to become what defined me, and there is more to us than work or roles in life)

Mark Krusen said...

I did about 35 Pt sessions before the operation and another 30 or so after. The problem is my leg is about 8 degrees from being straight which throws my gait off. That in turn throws my hip joint out so that every two weeks I need to go to a Chiropractor. It hasn't been for lack of trying. It's Justa the way it's going to be.

It's awesome to see your renewal. Keep it up.

Stan said...

Geez Mark:

So your knee is 8 degrees from straight, your mind is 90 degrees from being straight, and the country has gone 180 degrees from being on the straight and narrow.

Maybe we don't need a new country, but just a quiet revolution in this one {smirk}?

Anywise, maybe Lime Green can figure that one out for us. Lime Green-thirteen-and knows everything as they say {laughing}. Auh, those teen years are so wonderful and grandiose in the unreality scale of life.

By the way, when did your dog bite the end of your nose off {laughing}? Sorry, but that is just too funny since the ex-president of France just got attacked by his poodle {maybe they have an extra island you can claim as your own independent country Wee Wee}. That will definitely teach you not to eat peanut butter with no hands again {smirk}.

You're pal,

Mark Krusen said...

I don't remember exactly when Carmel chomped on my ole nose.It was sometime in the last two years. I have pictures of the after effects. Maybe I'll post them someday. LOL! Nah I don't want to gross out everyone.

Why have a quiet revolution? Let's make some noise so they knew we were here!