Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Justa getting ready!

image I'm ready for the next four years. Are you? I'm one of 47 million people that voted the other way. That being said, good luck to President Obama. Did you hear that it is George Bush's fault that Syracuse lost to Pittsburgh last night in Basketball?  Ok let's make that the last thing we blame George for. From now on as things happen remember who is to blame. Surprise it's not Obama!!! We have to return to personal responsibility. Take the bull by the horns and hang on.


Stan said...

Dear Mark:

Now we know where you do most of your real thinking {laughing}. At least you’re well stocked up on TP.

I’m sure you taped the coronation and are rerunning it every hour for inner motivation and therapeutic purposes. I heard someone sent Obama a nice Man Basket for his Oval Office. You are such a giver and peace maker {laughing}.

Can't you just wait for socialized medicine ran by AstraZeneca and Lilly. Hold on to your shrinking wallet, fasten your seat belt, and have a nice four year ride.

You’re Pal,

Mark Krusen said...


Well said. We shall see.