Saturday, January 24, 2009

Justa sharing my Saturday musings

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! image












I was reading the scriptures the other day and found out that Satan is a woman. "be ye not deceived, for Satan is abroad in the land" Hmmmm. Speaking of women.

The Lime Green Drama Queen has left the building. We didn't get a chance to get her to do a guest post. We ended up playing "are you smarter than a fifth grader" on DVD. It was a lot of fun and we sort of got caught up with the game and didn't have time. She owes us a post. By the way. We were indeed smarter than a fifth grader.



We went out to breakfast with the Lime Green Drama Queen and my Buddy Shawn. He was minus Pat again. I think she is getting ready to dump his sorry butt. We're getting some lake effect snow right now. They are calling for anywhere from 1" to 4". We already have about 130" for the season so far. You far left loons that live in California {I'm Justa kidding Stan} that still think we are having Global warming should come out to New York for a while.


image Tom and Sherri. You guys should start getting this size cup when you go to Fastrac! I've checked out all my blogging buddies and they seemed to have climbed into their cocoons. Nobody is posting this weekend yet.{maybe you didn't want to put mindless drivel on a post like I have today} These are just some of my discoveries from my look around the Internet. 


Ana said...

It's so good to know you're fine!
I have to visit your blog one post at a time because this computer freezes if I try to download it all.
I hope Cindy is fine!

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for stopping by. I stop by your blog everyday. Keep up the good post you do.

I just get on here and play around. I can't get serious to much.

Stephany said...

haha well, i'm awake at midnight taking more ibuprofen for my KNEES (am i allowed to whine here?!)move over i need that couch! lol

thanks for the laugh about Satan being a superior being (a woman!) hahahaha

it's currently snowing here (WA)it won't be more than a dusting i think though.

Mark Krusen said...


You have every right to whine.In fact this blog is not a whine free zone.I do it all the time. {grin} I'm amazed at your spirit even with what you've been going through. You need to keep up the exercising but maybe back off just a little bit. You know on things like bungee jumping for example.

ladyjane64 said...

You are too funny...

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

Nice to see you posted a picture of your Pal OJ in prison blues. Wasn't he pardoned and made Secretary of State or the Interior this past week?

Speaking of miracles!

Good to hear you’re smarter than a fifth grader; obviously you have made incredible scholastic strides during your hiatus and rehabilitation efforts disconnected the real world. And to think you did all this without a whole nose also. Quite impressive stuff if you weren't in bed with the devil so to speak {Smirk}.

Who could really argue against the merits of your Hypothesis of women being the source of pure evil? Any male that survives into puberty would surely derive the same exact conclusion {laughing}.

I believed you have missed the mark on global warming though; since Al Gore says it's so, and he invented the Internet by God! How this could be some trumped up bull pucky gag or shell game to scare everyone into letting the rich and powerful use more resources and make tremendous profits on a scale of dinosaur proportions beyond what we could ever imagine is quite befuddling and considered liberal treason for you card carrying pinko feminist left wing nut jobs {laughing}.

Hope things are going well in the boiling lake of eternal fire for you. Say Hi to all those fine lawyers, psychiatrist, and politicians for me!

You're Pal,

Mark Krusen said...

Once again your ability to pontificate leaves me speechless.

However let me attempt to respond. Your mentioning puberty as it was a past tense for you is a misnomer I believe.{Smirk back}

When you do finally reach the promised land (puberty) please do a special post on it, so that those of us that reached that milestone years ago may drink from the cup of innocence once more.Although be it vicariously.

Referring to my better half as a she devil.... It's as if you'd met her already.