Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mrs Justa and the shed

100_1458 Well folks yesterday was filled with stress, and frustration and disbelief. It

    And the man who came to move the shed reminded me quite a few times that it was my lucky day, because I met him.He had a task, which he took on , knowing that it was going to be difficult to get the shed out of our yard and to Fulton 8 miles away. Directly in front of our shed was the septic tank- hence he needed to lift the shed and inspire it to go angled, which he did. The person he brought to assist was advising him how the shed looked on the trailer- well the helper missed the fact the the shed was hanging off the left side by 4 feet, 100_1462so the whole trip up oncoming traffic had to move over a bit to their shoulder and we thought he was going to drop it off his trailer a couple of times.

He had made mention he was going to take the shed doors off before loading it, but due to a sore wrist, he chose to not do that. He made it to the land slowly, and we had an area that was  straight back and drop, 100_1469

well after he got up there he felt he had been on the job too long, so he whipped the trailer up and drove forward quickly, and ripped the shed doors off. So here we have this shed, Mark feeling like crap, Mark when he asked if he could make doors at his shop at fix these and the dude told him he had been on this job too long and he was pretty busy.  Mark told him that he really isn't a handy man and doesn't work with tools, so the dude looks at me and says Cyn can fix it then. Just take of the hinges, lay the doors on the floor of the shed, and rescrew the hinges in- real simple... gotta go.

And the creep drove off. Never to hear from him again- he did the job for the adrenaline rush, once up there, poof he did not care- he got his $300.00 plus he had us pay an extra $100.00 because it was hard to get it out of our yard.

GRRRRRRRRRRR. This guy really loved himself, and we thought he was a good guy, but after this ordeal we have found him to be an arrogant jerk who really loves himself- bad. The kiss the mirror as you walk by type love himself.

I was able to call my brother Tom, 100_1473 he is super handy and saved the day- as we had the POD there and needed to fill the shed, and now we had no doors. But Tom and his father in law came up, tools , screws and scrap wood, and fixed the doors so they work for now.

So the shed is loaded, and Shawn and Pat came up last evening and we got the whole POD unloaded into the house. Mark felt poorly and has really low endurance, so he helped and took breaks as needed. Shawn busted butt, and we can not thank them enough!! I went up today and did the kitchen unpacking- it took a long time but it went well. Mark came up with all the record albums about mid day- he has been feeling really lousy, he started on new meds yesterday and has nausea, numbness in his hands, really lightheaded and room spinning when he lays down, can not eat, just crappy! So he headed back home as we do not have water up there yet, and he was  in need of having a bathroom close by.

Tomorrow is working on unpacking the spare bedroom, and bathrooms. Monday the water man comes with the meter and I will try to get the certificate of occupancy the next week, once the cinder block foundation is done.

Take care all, Love Mark and Cindy alias Mr. and Mrs Justakrusen

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ladyjane64 said...

Hey, schools out for summer so the offer still stands if you guys need an extra pair of hands for anything just give me a ring.

Mark Krusen said...

thanks Sandy- I will is okay for now. Cindy

Stephany said...

what an ordeal! hang in there, and tell Mark to hang in there too with the medication adjustments, they are not easy to do, especially during such a stressful time of moving!
Take care,

PS-- not to add too much about meds, but I had the numb hands/and nausea etc during a withdrawal period off of different meds. I'm wondering out loud if he has gone off of something else besides the Lithium? at any rate I wish good thoughts for him to feel better soon.

Mark Krusen said...

Stephanie, He is now off all meds again. His symptoms continued to worsen to the point of total inability to walk due to nausea and dizziness, plus not eating or sleeping, and GI issues that the package warned to call the md immediately if they happened, so I called the docs and the nurse called his physician who said stop everything. He is such a good guy, and suffering so much right now, he feels bad because he can not help with anything, I feel bad because he feels so bad. Thanks , Cindy

preciousrock said...

Wow, quite the day you had between the shed and my poor Mr. Krusen suffering. I'm glad to hear he went off those meds with such serious side-effects.