Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mrs justa stopping by

Okay folks so here it goes. Last night we had gone up to the property to stake out the area for where the shed will go. Well when we got up there, a bulldozer was still where we needed to stake it out. SO I called the construction manager and he said he would be glad to move it today when he went up to the house to re-route the water lines to accommodate the water meter that the water company needs to install.

This construction person , Bob, went up and spent 3 hrs of his day cutting the water line by the hot water heater and redirection the water lines under the house to go directly to these 2 new shut offs he had to put in.

Well he did a fairly nice job, and then tonight I find out that the landowner who sold us this property, when he did the water line from the curb to the house, he installed a "pit meter" - which is basically a deep manhole with fittings where the water meter would go into out by the curb, image so now we have 2 spots for a meter to be put, and needing only one spot. So I called Bob tonight, and told him the dilemma I am in now with a place out by the curb for the water meter and now the cut lines in the utility room.

Now Bob has to get someone to come out and redo everything he just did, to put it back the way it was.

We have electric in the house, the inside is prepped, and the siding is all on the house. The POD100_1357 will be delivered up there tomorrow, and Friday the shed 100_1355_edited will be taken from her to there. We really need the shed to get there in one piece, it is contingent to get a certificate of occupancy to have at least the 12x12 shed- this one is 12x16.

The water, well that is a few days away, as we have to have the taken apart line now replaced and then a meter put in the pit meter.

I am learning new things about the home set-up. It is hard, we personally have had challenges with finances, comp, Mark's past year and now the bipolar and depression taking a toll on Mark. Now at work I am newly promoted to manager of maybe 20 people and trying to get things rolling there, so all this new stuff is kinda overwhelming, but we will survive.

Pretty soon we will be settled and our life and blog will be taking new directions. Love to all, Mr and Mrs Justa.

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Quinn said...

Hi mark hope you're well.
Still have that trusty POD of yours I see :)
Moving into a new home is a little stressful at the beginning and it is a little annoying when you have to allocate everything to a place or stack them up or keep them in boxes for the meantime, even worse when you're working because you don't have time to clean up the mess that you make unless I have a manic phase.

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn, Hi there, Mark is still kind of out of it. He is really low ebb, unsure if it is now the effects of stopping the Lithium, but he and I appreciate your comment. It is tough to see an end to anything when there is a dark cloud hovering over his head and sinking to the ground around him. He will be back soon, he did read the comment this evening. :) We hope you are doing okay. Cindy and Mark

preciousrock said...

Mrs. Justa,
Yaaaaaaaay, a picture of the POD! I was wondering what the POD looked like. Honestly, I have never heard of a POD -- well except for bean pods and pea pods and pod people, lol -- so I thought Mark was just making this up so he would have a man POD and a man basket. Give the man a hug for me!