Thursday, May 15, 2008

I justa lost a post somewhere

I had a new post all done for today. I don't know what happened to it. The computers were acting up last night I pressed save and poof gone. It had a picture of me of the way things were going. Yesterday was one of those days that I was just as soon forget. So that's what I'm going to do. JUST FORGET IT. I  can reproduce the picture easy enough but I'm just going to link to it. When you see it you'll understand what kind of day it was. Today is a new day.

Cindy is taking this morning off to help me attend to some of the things we have to do.

  1. Go to Oswego college book store to get Jeff's tassle for his graduation this coming Saturday. (See I never mentioned that did I?)
  2. Go to Town of Granby to talk to Girl about our Building permit. Also need to talk to Water Clerk about hooking to the City water. (This was in my other post)
  3. Need to Call Bob (The person doing our site prep) about changes in the water hook up. Instead of the well we have to hook to the city water.
  4. Sometime in the next few days I need to get up to Fulton to sign up for the new job I have. (Looking for a job)  Somewhere in all this mess of trying to move and dealing with my bipolar I need to start my job search.They've determined that I can do light duty type of work 8 hrs a day. If any body has any leads or ideas let me know. I'm thinking of working with the disabled maybe driving a van or in a residential setting. This is an Idea I have to be working on in the coming weeks. I have some accountability to Mike from the Insurance company on this.

So I'm pressed for time this morining now and i'm going to keep this short. Here is the link to the picture that shows how I feel right now. Check this out I hope your having a great day. Thanks for stopping buy. Feel free to leave a comment if your so inclined. I'm justa saying!


ladyjane64 said...

LOL, I love that picture. Some how it just says it all doesn't it. I need that for my fridge and just flip it back and forth as needed!! Have a great day.

Mark Krusen said...

Living with norm. Don't you sort of live with a real live one anyway. LOL

Anonymous said...

wow...i got it...the perfect job for you...president...ya ...commander and chief...i mean all you have to do is spue out BS and insult people...hey you are a shoe in...just think of the posibilities....we have a black, a woman , a cenial old guy...what would be more perfect then an ex trucker on comp....hell you got my vote already,...look george proved an idiot can run this he opened the door for alot of people...clinton showed that the whitehouse can rock...go for it man you can't screw it up anyworse...and if you do blame the last dead guy...that would be ford i think...
and as for the picture of you ...nice hands...elliot spitzers got nothing on you stud...thanks for the vine....

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

I'm justa saying {smirk} that Picture is a vast improvement over your regular state; you must have had a great spa day with a 90 minute soothing massage and lots of elaborate pampering. It appears you avoided the hot wax hair removal treatment which I believe was a wise move since it hurts like heck. You look absolutely fabulous darling.

If you haven't been over to the royal Rockiness Blog this morning, I wrote another post there related to your cheap blog buddy stealing episode, betrayal of all bipolar decorum, and moral turpitude trust values.

Now I'm sorry to say I did send the Mother ship and penguins over last night to delete your post, just to give you a small glimmer and taste of who you are messing with here {laughing}.

Now onto more serious issues! You’re damned Gas meter read out on your site in just plain wrong. Regular gas is well over 4 bucks a gallon here in California now. President Bush just got his dividend check from big Oil and bought 2/3 of Mexico just for fun! I guess that's one way to solve the immigration problem (smirk}.

Hey I'm sorry to hear your having a rough go of it right now! I know all too well how that beast works you over pretty harshly at times. I hope you know you are always in my prayers and thoughts for both your happiness and well being {Am I chocking on a hair ball, or was I actually being nice to you?}. Anywise, I hope today brings you much cheer and better results.

I guess that enough for now, I have been downsizing my worldly possessions, and it's affected my posting routine on some devious subconscious level. Don't worry though; I'll be back to one of my more evil alternative personalities in no time. I think I have gone around and posted at least once or twice on all my regular blog hangouts throughout the night; so now I can get back to actually writing on my site again for gosh sakes. This catch up stuff is a real Woman or was that Bit-- {laughing}.

Yours truly

Mark Krusen said...


It sounds to me like you are running for president.You shouldn't be so rough on yourself. Are you running on the independent line? I'll look for your name on the ballet. I couldn't at this time take the job of vice president though. I'm kind of busy.

Mark Krusen said...

About this constant whinnying about your blog buddy being stolen. If I didn't know better I would think you were a Dumocrat.

At your command that gas meter is going to be Discontinued. Can't have false information out there on the Internet can we?

What is this being nice to me stuff. It must be a ploy to win back your blogging buddy. (Laughing hysterically)

Thanks for stopping by again Stan. I may have to change the name of this blog to "Stan's Place" what do you think?

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

"Stan's Place" does have a nice ring to it! But are you really ready for all the hate mail I recieve?

yours truly

Mark Krusen said...

Hate mail. Stan that ain't hate mail you get. That just means if they are writing to you, they are leaving someone else alone.

B said...

I'm about to quit my job stacking shelves Mark, you can have it!
Pays Irish minimum wage(so thats 8.60euro per hour for you I reckon... in other words a trillion dollars).

I always mess up saving the blogs that I think up of on the spot which are probably pretty messy but cant be recreated whatsoever.

Mark Krusen said...


Don't be quitting your job just for me. The commute would be a little to much. Thanks for the offer.

Forest Parks said...

Darn..... I know just what that is like.

My Wordpress installation on one of my sites has been doing this to me!

preciousrock said...

I have to admit that you are the most adorable ape I ever did see. Do you do windows? Cause I can use a housekeeper and a cook. Relatively light duty except that I do expect the baseboards to be scrubbed regularly. Submit resume to PreciousRock over at One Bipolar Life for consideration. I am and Equal Opportunity Employer, lol!