Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Justa enjoying the ride

We were at our "OLD" neighbors house on Sunday after church. They haven't changed a bit. (That's to bad). Actually Norm and Sandy, We had an awesome time. As we always do when ever we get together. The kids are growing up in spite of their parenting. LOL. You guys have done a great job. Sandy the Helicopter got called away on an Emergency call. It appears that your situation isn't as dire as it first seemed. It was nice to see your mother again Sandy. She loves you guys to bits. I can see the feeling is mutual. Cindy and I couldn't be with our moms on mothers day, thanks for sharing yours with us. Norm watch out. If you do start a blog it's addicting. It's hard to stay away for more than a day or so. If you get the bug, your hooked.


Cindy and I were like the stealth photographers on Sunday. We forgot the camera when we went to Norm and Sandy's or else their pictures would be on here. After we went back home we got Indy (who loves to ride in the car) and hit the road again.


Our first stop was Jeff & Amanda's to take a couple of pictures of the deck that him and his buddy Justine just finished. Are they good or what?




These are just a few of the ones we got as they were building it. Great job guys. Pencil us in for a couple of years from now at our new place. We'd be glad to have you guys build us a deck any day.

100_1179These just show what a talented guy our son Jeff is. He definitely has a talent for building things. He sure didn't get it from me. I've yet to find my area of expertise I'm still analyzing that as we speak.

100_1211 100_1212

From here we went over to Tom & Sherri's and took some of the landscaping pictures. We showed you some on Monday here are some of the other ones we got.

100_1220 100_1223

Ok the one isn't  a landscaping  picture but I couldn't resist guys. Great photo huh? These two are a couple of the most insane people I know living out side of a mental hospital. A lot of pictures today I know but we just wanted to share some more of the things we did Sunday. It was one heck of a day off and we had such a great time that we wanted to share it with all of you. I'm still skipping around with content aren't I? I just can't help mentioning my friends and family. They are so awesome that I thought you might enjoy sharing them with me.

I haven't mentioned it in a while so here goes. If you like following along with the Justakrusen's on our journey through life you can subscribe to the automatic email updates on the top right of this blog. That way when ever I update a post it would automatically show up in your email. What could be better than that. That email subscription is the best thing since slice bread in my book. That's how I keep up with about 10 or 15 of my favorite blogs. Go out today and as Robin Williams said in the movie. "Seize the day" I'm justa saying. P.S. If you stand on a chair be careful.


ladyjane64 said...

Yah I'm glad you guys stopped by and that my Mom was here, she really enjoys seeing both of you so it kinda made her day too. We cherish every minute we are blessed to spend with her and are thankful for the closeness that we all share.
It's ok that you didn't have your camera, I'm almost afraid of what might have shown up knowing you the way I do LOL just kidding. I'm really looking forword to our get together and many more at our home and your new home. Maybe a cook out or 2 with both our families would be cool. Ok have a great day and don't worry abot that helicopter I'll justa keep hanging on!

Mark Krusen said...

Sandy, Thanks again for commenting. It means a lot to both of us that you are reading the blogs.

We'll try not to bore you to much with drivel.

Cook outs sound like a good idea. Let's see if we survive a dinner together first. LOL.

preciousrock said...

Hey Mr. Krusen,
I added Feedblitz to my page too -- have you subscribed yet? Don't want you to miss any part of my insanity. Um, I didn't know you had done any new posts the past few days as I didn't get a Feedblitz for a few days. I think FB just doesn't like me or is trying to drive me crazy, but it is great to get the e-mail updates without having to go check each page or check all the feeds separately. I'm a little hurt because I thought you considered Stan and me to be the two most insane people outside of a mental hospital?!

Beautiful photos! Luckily you are continuing to butcher the English language, lol. I'm not "going dark" but I probably won't post as much for the next week or so because I'll be visiting with my boy and trying to help him get his situation figured out. What a mess life can be sometimes, eh?!

P.S. Today is the day, Stan the Man returns. He has lots of commenting to make up for. I sure have missed the rascal as he was my original, one and only blog buddy.

Mark Krusen said...

Enjoy your son we will be here when you get back.

You and Stan are two people that most belong in a mental hospital not outside of one.

Quinn said...

how are you today mark?
I was looking at the picture at the decking that is very fine DIY-ing :) wish I could build something like that
I'm still a little reluctant, I started to read the bible, but I can't uncoil myself it's very to get to grips because I'm just so unsure of myself sometimes and you must know that you sometimes seriously doubt your judgement sometimes and it's so harrowing to live with and certainly put up with when it comes to making up a big decision.

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn, I can relate to being unsure of yourself. I'm going through a lot of that myself right now. This house project and my leg issues are just about all I can handle right now. Good thing my wife is a very grounded person. Because most of the time I'm in la la land. :)