Monday, May 12, 2008

Justa returning from our day of Rest


Mothers day has come and gone.

I hope yours was as great as mine. Jeff and Amanda took us out to breakfast at Larkins yesterday morning. They got Cindy an awesome gift. A lighthouse that is powered by the sun during the day and lights up at night.We already had a couple of light houses that we had bought that light up the entrance to our walkway. But this one has far more personality. It even blinks like a real light house. We got a chance to call and wish my mother a happy mothers day. I think she is having a great mothers day. I called, My Sister Donna stopped into see her and I'm sure that was gift enough for my mother and finally for the day. Mom went to My brother Mikes for dinners. I know you'll never read this mom. But, "Happy Mothers day".

We went to Cindy's brother Tom's house.100_1224

Talk about living large we sat on the back deck where Sherri brought roasted Almonds and Nacho chips out to snack on. It doesn't get any better than this. A Barley pop and snacks and relatives you actually enjoy. Don't anybody tell them I said that. 100_1238 If Tom thought I enjoyed coming to his house he might not ever let me come back. Gretchen and Collin came by. They are two of Tom's three kids. Man are they growing. Poor Collin, he is so easy to pick on. And of course you know I'm going to take every advantage of that that I can. Here's a picture of some of the landscaping Tom & Sherri have done. And another of Tom and I sitting on the front patio.


The Mayor and his wife took us out to breakfast on Saturday.

Shawn broke our rule of going Dutch and picked up the tab. He blamed it on a house warming gift. He did that so I wouldn't expect him to buy us a riding lawn mower for a gift. LOL. We were at his mercy for he was driving and we were firmly  locked in the back seat. After breakfast we showed him where the property we are in the process of buying was. Darnit, now he'll know where we live. If you ever need your dog walked just ask my buddy Shawn. (To long a story to tell here) As I'm finishing up this post on Sunday night to post on Monday morning we just got back from Shawn and Pats. Momma made a loaf of home made Cinnamon Raisin bread for Shawn,and she just had to drop it off tonight. Presious Rock won't like this but we just spent $59.20 to fill up our Nissan Altima Hybrid.That's on a car that gets about 38 miles per gal average. OUCH! What's the most some of you have had to pay to fill up your vehicle? Let us know in the comments.

One more thing before I go.

One of my favorite bloggers  Ian Parks, has two blogs that are in my blogroll. The first one that I came across was The Random Forest this is a fun blog that when you start reading him you are begging for more. Ian sense of humor is refreshing and captivating. If you can get away from his site without commenting it would be amazing. Often times you'll find me chiming in with my two cents. Check out this site. Believe me you won't regret it.

His second site that he just started and perhaps one of my favorite "about pets" site in blogger land, is Blog about animals  I can't give away this particular post. For some reason this link is one of my favorite links to this particular blog. (I can't be sure but maybe it's because he has done an article on our 3 pets) Before you sign off you have to go over to this blog and see our 3 babies. Thanks for stopping by  once again.


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Forest Parks said...

Thanks for the mention, and you commenting is always greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you had a good but long day off!

Mark Krusen said...

As I told you in my comment you have some awesome blogs going there. They will be taking off in the near future I know they will. That contest between John Cow and Garry Conn will be neat to follow.

Anonymous said...

wow...your pic looks like some low budget italian horror film..."the killer flamingo that came from the sea"...don't miss the sequel...attack of the killer zucinies....sher had a good mothers day and she truly enjoys your i put up with you also...have to re supply on the almonds...the new house looks great...the land is is well deserved..we should habve a place of our own...sher called...the fotos was premature...we have a new addition to the garden...thanks, as always for the vine