Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Justa looking forward!


Can you believe all the natural disasters that are hitting. Does it seem like more than usual or am I just watching to much news. What with the Typhoon, and Earthquakes hitting overseas and the Tornado's and flooding here in the states. It makes our little 4 foot snow falls feel like nothing doesn't it? We can at least dig out of our messes. What do you do when your house comes down around you or is flooded?  Cindy and I are worried about moving 12 miles North of where we live now. We might be up in the 4 foot of snow overnight world. Guess what. Cuddle Time!!! Crawl under the covers after making the "Ain't coming in" call to work and sleep till you can't sleep no more. Or... Hmmmph. as I was saying. We can catch up on the unpacking that won't be done from our move. Right Sandy?

 100_0975Cindy talked to the financial guy today. He said everything is a go ,we should be able to close on the land within 2 weeks. Another 3 weeks after that we could be moved in.Just wanted to share a couple of the pictures of the new house. I promise only two pictures today. I like that kitchen. Look how much room there is. Also notice the dining area. There is a sliding door to the right where we can add a deck on later.

100_0986This is a picture of our new house as it sits on the lot at G&I homes. it's a 28 by 60 which is 8 feet longer than what we live in now. I can't wait until we move in. This packing stuff if getting old. We still have a long way to go,but we are actually making a dent in it.

I'm kind of nervous I have a meeting with the job counselor representing the insurance company today. He told me to remember to bring my list of medications that I am taking. It will be interesting to see his reaction when he sees the Abilify on the list. It ought to make for an interesting discussion. I can't imagine having a full time job right now while I'm trying to get the meds for my Bipolar situation worked out. Can you say fun? Not only that. I can't stand for more than 15 min without my left leg bothering me. Plus when I sit for more that 1/2 hour it takes me a while to get moving. This afternoon will be very interesting. He told me that he was going to ask me 500 questions. I just told him I'd have 500 different answers. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. Wish me luck.

In closing Garry Conn from Garry

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lotus said...

OldSailor from
Your posts are very lively. Your new house looks simple and attractive.

stan said...

Dearest Mark:

So you’re moving into new digs? You do realize the FBI and CIA can still find you there. I don't care if you dress like a women and are taking huge doses of hormones (they will just make your beast perky, sensitive, and enhance Bubba's experience once they catch you{laughing}).

The new place looks really nice; is there any fish in that pond located in the front yard?
Nice kitchen too. I guess the question now is can you cook worth a damn. Because I'm not moving in until you can at least do that ( of course night time stories at bed time are also required {smirk}).

So those damned Yankees in last place yet? I think I may because a Red Sox’s fan just to get your Goat.

PreciousRock said she has been cheating over here with you. Just a few questions! Does your wife know or care? Does she have circus and yoga skills, does she constantly say once you go bipolar, you never go back? These are ominous warning signs that your medications are not working effectively {laughing}

It's good to be back in this crazy world of Bloggery again. I hope everything is going well with you my friend.
I have pretty much ignored my latest tag until I get angry enough to truly make a mockery of it {smirk}.
Anywise, I just wanted to pop in a leave a quick post.
When you’re gone for a couple of weeks, there is so much reading to catch up on; it's hard to find time to actually write post. So I will try to take a balanced approach and fire off some magnum shots with my 12 gage from my new abode front porch until tranquility and balance have returned to my obnoxious and demented mind once again {laughing}.

Yours truly

Mark Krusen said...

Lotus, Thanks for chiming in. Yes simple is the only way to go. We will have an acre to mow which will create more work. But work never killed anybody did it. Now flying Penquinns thats another story altogether.

Mark Krusen said...


No five page comment. You disappoint. Your must be out of practice. All that easy living while you were in the dark.

Speaking of being out of the dark. Are you sure you are out of the dark. Your writing is pretty tame.(laughs) You've gotten soft since your vacation.

PresiousRock and I are an Item.We didn't know if you would ever come out of the dark. If you would like to have a duel with me. Just name a time and place. My wife knows and approves of the relationship. She knows I'm all talk anyway.LOL.

Really PresiousRock has a big enough heart for both of us. We can share her.

Take your time getting back into the groove. As for me I'm getting pretty busy myself.

preciousrock said...

Hola My Mr. Krusen Blog Buddy,

The photos are beautiful. I am so jealous of the snow! It's been between 80 and 90 degrees here now during the day and soon will be in the low 100's, so what I would give to make a snow angel or watch the peaceful falling snow. Guess we are never happy with what we have, eh? The kitchen, I'm coveting it! I don't even like to cook but think I might be able to whip up a gourmet meal in that luxury space. My apartment has such limited counter space.

A duel? With Stan? Are you serious! Holy cow, where will this end! I'm glad your wife approves of this whole thing because I would hate to leave her out of the loop. BTW, I tried to visit her site a few times and it always locked my computer up. Ask her what's up with that? She doesn't like me or I need more memory and faster internet connection to bring up all the goodies she has on there?

Speaking of cooking, my son has become quite the cook since being away for several years. He has cooked all the meals since he's been home and even cleaned up the kitchen. I asked him, "Who are you and what did you do with my son?" LOL I think I'll keep him.

Okay, buddy, I've got to go see what Stan is up to today. Take care. Hope all goes/went well with the job counselor and all your drugs and that you get to your new home soon with very little "dark time". Maybe you can get the internet going and computer moved first so you don't have to go dark?!

Mark Krusen said...

I think cooler heads will prevail and Stan and I can agree to share you. We shall see the ball is in Stan's court.LOL. My wife knows I'm crazy. It makes life interesting she says.

I'm glad your time with your son is going so well. You deserve some positive in your life for a change right? In laughed my butt of when you said who are you and what have you done with my son. I love it.

Thanks for stopping by continue to enjoy your time with your son. Good luck when you head back to work.