Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mrs Justa and Fall

Fall, a time of year when God paints the world in brilliant colors. Colors of reds, yellows, browns, oranges, splashed between green and rust. Fall, a time of reflection of the year that has past. Look at this brilliant red, 012it is effervescent.It almost appeared like there was a light in the middle of the bush accentuating its richness. Fall. Cooler nights, frost on the windows, the dew on the grass is crisp, a nip in the air that when we breathe it in, it makes our lungs stiffen for a moment.  

Fall, when we pull out our snow tires and put away our yard ornaments, we grab our rakes and chase the leaves into piles, when we buy extra bird seed for the wild birds.

When the crock pot comes out from hiding, and soups and chili become meals that are longed for.

Fall, when shiny crisp apples are in high demand, and apple cider is on display at the stores. We begin to wear darker colors, and coats come out of hibernation. Shoes start having covered toes on them, sandals go into hiding. Sweaters hug our warmth in and shorts are tucked in the back of the drawer. Fall, as I drive to work I begin to see wisps of smoke coming from the furnace pipes and chimneys. A blanket , a couch and a nice book are replacements for a towel on the warm sand at the beach.

Fall, fields of brown corn stalks, pumpkins, plowed fields. Wood being split and stacked in neat piles, mowers get put to the back of the garage or shed. Fall, I love fall, find the beauty in it, for it goes too quick. Love to all. Mrs Justa.

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