Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mrs Justa and changing seasons

100_1820_edited The other day Mark and I went for a short ride. BJ's had gasoline for 3.05 a gallon, so we headed over there, camera in the back seat.

I was on a mission, and warned Mark at any given moment we may need to pull over for a picture or two.

This is one we took. Sunday was a royal blue sky day, temps in the 60s, a slight breeze, clouds no where in sight. It is October, so the fields are full of green plants turning brown, drying out and the seeds beginning to fly off and replant in other areas.

These seeds have a bonus, they have wings for flight. I was thrilled to be able to capture the delicateness of the silk like threads that the seeds are entwined to.

As the pods are in different phases of retiring for the year, I was able to capture one totally open one just starting and one not even spread open at all. It got my attention for many reason, but it pointed out to me that even in Gods world of plants, each component has  individualism to it. This plant grew at one time, yet the pods are all in different phases, all look different. It then brought my whacked out mind to thinking about families, and even though the kids came from the same mom and dad, they are very rarely identical in looks, behavior, shape or stages. Some of us mature quicker then our siblings, some slower. We are all unique in our own ways. We have been given talents, I have some siblings who can sing, others who can not, some thin some not so thin. It is just one of those things that takes my mind and sends it whirling.

We need to look for individualism and not look for people to be like the next person. We need to look for a person's talents and not wonder why one person can not be the same as another. We need to appreciate the good and not seek out the bad. I wish you patience in taking the time to find those special qualities in yourself and others, and thrive on the good. Until later, Love Mrs Justa

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