Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mrs Justa and the not so calm passage of life

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"God promises safe land but not a calm passage" This is a Bulgarian proverb that I remind myself of all the time. This photo shows to me the calm land, the reaching to the sky, the smooth comforting clouds. The whisper of the grass in the breeze, slowly drifting back and forth , standing tall. 100_1868But in between these blades of tall grass are burdocks. They stick to my clothes and hurt my fingers to pull them out.   

It is like the paths in life, it appears the path will be smooth, but I miss the burdocks until it is too late.

I try to do my best every day, and I want the path to be safe, which it is, but the intruders make it not safe.

The roads I take to and from work, they themselves are safely made. The pavement is solid, the majority of the roads are well painted, but the people and animals that may choose to use the road when I am using it, they make the passage no longer calm or safe.

Work, my cubicle environment in itself it safe, the desk top firm, the computer , screen and chair modern. But the incidents of any day can take the calmness away. It can be the folks calling, a "full moon syndrome", it can be a boss, a co worker, a situation, anything can take the calm away. I am constantly trying to keep the calm in every minute of my life. I think I am too mellow. I think I try to be too soothing. I find myself too lax in life in general. I like the safe land, but I need to do better with the not so calm passages.

I feel at times I am fragile, and at times I feel strong. Oh it is so confusing to be me. My mind swirls, my long is for the calm, my life is not. How nice it would be to have the perfect world. I would not know. But I do know I am reminded every day of this proverb. Tread carefully all, Love and best of luck until later, Cindy

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