Friday, October 10, 2008

Mrs Justa not being persuaded by the media


Once again I am feeling kinda

overpowered by the government and the faults of our society. Financial markets are not doing very well, heck I just checked my measly 401 K and it was down by 7,000 dollars. But do ya know what I did?? I went on line and sent in a request to INCREASE my contribution by 3 % of my gross. Money is so tight right now, costs have skyrocketed, but my little brain is looking at the costs of stock right now and thinking 3% may not buy much, but whatever it does buy will be more and  what it can buy will  grow along with what I have in there now.

The worse thing we can do is panic.

The darn 24 hr cable news is always looking for sensationalism, and this just happens to be the subject of the moment, and they are scaring the public. We have to have faith in our own selves, and not follow the pathway that the news folks are scaring us to go. We have to be patient, which is hard in the instant society in which we live.The bank can only mend ( photo is courtesy of ) if we help to mend it.  You know that is true, look at each thing they sink their teeth into, and chew it until there is nothing left. Talk about dead horse beaters...

We need to turn off the TV,

play a game with the family, invite a few friends over for a game of cards, rent a movie , go for a walk, do something to help time pass by, and hang on, it is going to be tight for a while. For those with jobs, this is not the right time to get annoyed and do a version of "take this job and shove it" . There is nothing harder then not working and feeling like what you know, you can not find a job in. I can find myself in that same boat, and I am already trying to think of other things I could do. We all have a lot to offer, when we put our hearts and minds into it.

Maybe in some sort of way

this is a divine intervention, we have our priorities messed up, we are in such a greedy world, we need to be less me and more God. Stop, believe in yourself, don't follow the masses, listen to your heart, do not react on panic, and take quiet time, pray for guidance and trust. I truly believe it will be okay. I am praying for all of you. Love Mrs Justa.

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