Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mrs Justa and the 4th of July

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(imageCourtesy of The smiling faces are because Mark is home. I know he is not feeling like smiling yet, so these will have to do for now. I am smiling for him.

We have had more issues with the house and the darn getting the certificate of occupancy- but we are getting there. I had to get a certified electrician to come and inspect the place, so that was done today, needed the water district dude to inspect the water- that was done before- so he hopefully faxed it to the town, smoke detectors in every room, done and the warranty seal is there. So now the skirting and I think we are on a serious roll to move in next Friday.

My side of the family is having their reunion this weekend in Allegheny State Park. We come from Arizona, Mich, Mass, RI, Alabama, Kentucky and Syracuse area. I have 8 living brothers and sisters, some with kids that have kids of their own. It is nice to see everyone. I just found out one of my sisters rolled her car on the way down. Her daughter, son and sons friend are ok, the car and car top carrier are not. Seems she just had tires put on , and the store maybe felt lug nuts need not be tightened. So her tire fell off going 65 mph. They are all at the hospital now, about 2 1/2 hrs from here, and some of the reunion goers are going to help salvage her belongings, my brothers are driving 2 cars down instead of one- so she has a car to return in and my sister has a van and has gone to pick up the gang at the hospital. What a way to start the reunion!!

Thank God they had the car top carrier on it, I bet it cushioned the roll. My niece has some scraps, but they are all alive.

I am not leaving till tomorrow night, so no blog for the weekend, Mark may or may not go, it depends how he feels tomorrow night. It sounds like pretty good weather. Mark had rented a cabin for us about 8 mi north of the park, so we will stay at the cabin and go to the park for the gatherings. I am excited about going , yet wish Mark felt better. Now I am worried about my sister and kids, but it sounds like they are VERY lucky. Jeff and Amanda are staying with us Sat night at the cabin, we are all returning Sunday. It will be short, but nice. I hope all have a good 4th of July, stay safe, don't play with fire crackers- let the pros do it.

Love to all, Mrs and Mr Justakrusen


preciousrock said...

So glad to hear Mark is out of the hospital. Hope he feels up to spending at least a little time at the reunion and is his old cranky self soon! I really miss him on here. Nobody to make snide and/or supportive comments on my blog like he does. Enjoy your weekend! PR

Mark Krusen said...

Hi there,
He is not quite up to the snide comments yet, but in time, watch out!
We did go to the reunion, he stayed at our cabin, and was able to get away from here, but no able to interact with everyone.
The weather was great, and it was really great to see everyone. Love and best wishes, Cindy