Monday, June 30, 2008

mrs justa and a quick note

HI all Justa quick note to let you know Mark is inpatient for trying to manage him and his side effects as they try to balance medication. I am off to sleep- this has been an incredible trying time with the move, with wanting to help Mark and not being able to, working in a new role of management at work, and trying to make this move as smooth as possible. I am exhausted, so good night, and I will be back tomorrow. Love, Cindy100_0862


justana said...

Please don't be so hard on yourself. You cannot claim that you're not being able to help Mark!
You're helping him immensely!
It's good that he can be alone for sometimes so that he can express his feelings to himself.
Then you arrive and gives all the support.
God Bless you both!

ladyjane64 said...

As always, our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Lets hope this is what Mark needs to get himself back. Cindy, as for you girfriend..... rest when your body tells you to and please know that I am always here for you. I would like to think that I could be that lighthouse for you too as you have been for me and others in your life. Just go easy, you're doing a great job. Sit and sip some iced tea in between (or wine)LOL it will all come together.

preciousrock said...

Thanks so much for caring enough to keep this blog going while Mark is under the weather. He has friends out here who care about him and wonder how he is doing and it's hard not knowing. I'm so glad he has you as a caring, loving, supportive wife. Going through this nightmare alone or with someone who didn't try to understand would be double misery. Make sure you tell him we are thinking of him and praying for him (and for you too, of course). Love, PR

Mark Krusen said...

Hello to all,
Thanks for your support. I know he is
going to be fine, it will just take a while:) I have given him everyones thoughts prayers and well wishes.
With love, Cindy and Mark

Stephany said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. There is, in every one of us--a spark---that we tap into in times like these.(I've been there, more than I should write here).

Be well.


Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Stephanie, I am an optimistic person, and you have reminded me about how great optimism is. Love Cindy