Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm justa checking in.

This is my I'm still here post.

After posting almost every day since I started blogging back in January I went through a couple of days where I just didn't feel like posting. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed what with the move, the new job and the bipolar episode all just hitting me with the perfect storm.So I took a Friday and Saturday off and I'm not going to push it to far today either. I feel somewhat better today. Thanks for the comments and the encouragement of my blogging buddies.

So real quick here is what is going on.

Friday I did my ride along for the driving job. I know the route all ready but will do one more ride along to fine tune in my mind the way things go. Then I believe Starting Tuesday I will be doing the route on my own. I'm not 100% sure though as the new boss has changed her story about the job a couple of times all ready. First it was supposed to be $10.00 an hr to start now she is saying it's $9.00 to start with a raise to $10.00 rather quickly. Then she is hedgeing a little on it being every day, to maybe it being a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off schedule. So I have to see how that plays out. She said to be patient that it may take a month to get things straightened out.

I'm really stressed out about how the new job 

plays into my Workmans Comp and the fact that a hearing will be coming up soon.This job is only part time and in the long term I need to work full time. I have to be patient and let things play out as they will. It's not my nature to wait and see. I'm more a make it happen kind of guy so this is my main stress producer.

Oh I do have some good news.

Cindy was able to get me in to see a Psych Dr. This coming Wednesday. I'm pretty excited about this as maybe I can finally get my medicine straightened out and get back to somewhat feeling normal again. I have been in this last episode of my disorder now since January so I can't remember what normal is. I just know that if how I feel now becomes my normal I wouldn't be able to function very well. So wish me luck with my appointment.

This has been a quick update. There is a lot more going on but I don't want to ramble. Thanks for checking back in. Hopefully more to follow. My posting times may change and I may not post everyday but I'll give it a shot. Preciousrock has a new camera so make sure you watch what you wear if you go to the laundry mat.


CRAIG & DIANE said...

Don't fret about not posting everyday, we'll still be around to read your posts whenever you get around to it.

Mark Krusen said...

Craig & Diane,

Thanks for saying that It means a lot to me.

preciousrock said...

My Dear Mr. Krusen,

Glad to hear that you are "still here", and I certainly hope you aren't entertaining thoughts of streaking through my laundry room, lol. Meds can do strange things to the mind?!

I snapped a picture of my closest gas station just for you. I'm going to post it and hope that it will cheer you up. I know how concerned you are about gas, but stay away from those beans and you'll be fine.

I pray that shrink will get your meds and brain chemicals straightened out and make you good as new. As for feeling normal? What is normal? I don't think I know how to compare my brain function to that of a "normal" brain. Justa question, Krusen.

Take Care and Hang in There,
The Rock

Forest Parks said...

Agree with Craig and Diane... I don't get a chance to stop by every day due to me being busy all the time.... but enjoy my time here.

I say just don't worry too much about the blog, it seems like a very personal blog with no alterior motives so you can let it flow and reflect yourself without the pressure of doing what you think you should do... next time you wanna post, I will look forward to reading.

I hope things work out this week, speak soon.

Mark Krusen said...

The Rock now is it? What happened to being precious? I've given up my crusade to figure out the gas prices. It is a losing battle.

Anonymous said...

wow..hey mark long time no blog...the woman and i have been seems that gretchen has commited to make tie blankets for the graduating seniors on the LHS track see when gretchen participated in the empire state games 3 years a thank you for his care for her we made coach ball a tie blanket....he was so impressed by it he asked us if we could do it for the garduating seniors last year...he would pay us for our troubles...we said yes and made 12 blankets....40 minutes a blanket and he gave gretchen 30 dollars....split this with the folks....ya this year he aproached gretchen and said he was getting the fabric together...for 20...and we have 10 days...if he shows his face on my door step i'll shoot him and bury him in fleese...good luck with work...thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...


Shooting him is a little drastic. Why don't you just try telling him to kiss your *%# Just an idea!

Mark Krusen said...

I know how busy you are. You are busting your butt with your blogs and it shows. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It really lifted my spirits.