Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm kinda Numb!

It's Friday, The day after the closing on the house

That's right it finally happened. We closed on the house yesterday then Cindy and I drove up to the town of Granby town hall to get our Permits for the building to start. Dan from G&I homes called and said that they would be starting the site work Friday afternoon. They would probably be pouring the concrete Saturday. It is all so anticlimactic for me now. The bank dragged it out so much that the excitement for the event has long gone. Maybe as they start making the progress on the slab it will come back for me. Cindy and I are going to try to go up and get some pictures of the progress and will post them if we get them.

I'm on day three of my Lithium and boy does it make you tired

It also gives you diarrhea, and the shakes. I'm having a great time. I'm bound and determined to give this stuff a good test though. The Dr. Said it will take a while to start working and the prescription only cost me $.80. For that money I can afford to ride it out to see if its going to work.

I had a big spike in visitors to this blog  the other day.

12 new hits. I don't understand where the traffic comes from but it sure does help to know other people are reading the words and that some are getting something out of them. I'm not going on other blogs and commenting like I was earlier I just don't feel like I have anything to bring to the table that is worthwhile. I hope to get back to reading and enjoying other blogs soon.

image Picture courtesy of my blogging buddy Precious rock on her new blog In living color

I put this picture on because that's where I feel like I am right now.

The desert of my life. The Workmans Comp rep called me today and now I have to meet with him because I quit that job and after that call I had a call from my Psych Drs office telling me that they were dropping me because they don't handle workmen's comp cases. I tried explaining that it wasn't a Workman's comp case but they would have nothing to do with my explanation. I am like reeling here folks. What's next is Gas going to keep rising, are my grocery bills going to continue to go up. The next thing I know there will be a friggin Dumocrat in office and my taxes will go up. I feel like I have stepped of into a parallel universe. Maybe this isn't really happening. Maybe if I an wake up this will all just go away. NOTTTTTTTT! One more thing Dan, from G&I homes called later in the day and said that they wouldn't be starting the site work until Monday now. I'm going to go ahead and publish this thing now before I get another call and things change again. Have a great day.


justana said...

I'm very sorry.
I'm sad knowing you're having to endure all of this.
You'll be on my prayers.
Yours truly,

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for your concern. This is in the "this to will pass" category. Momma always says things happen for a reason so I'm just waiting to see the reason. God has a plan and I'm following in the plan. He know's whats best. Thanks for your prayers.

ladyjane64 said...

Sorry things didn't work out with the job but like I said before it couldn't hurt to try. Keep plugging along one day at a time, that is my new motto and I'm sticking to it like gue cause it's the only thing that keeps me sane. That and making sure I'm in church every week. Hang in there and as always you know where to find us.

Mark Krusen said...

I did try with the job it was just to much with the Bipolar kicking in too. Had it been just my leg I think I could have made a go of it. The Break in the middle of the shift didn't help to much either though. Oh well.

Tee said...

Hang in there. When we built our house it took forever. Patience. Sounds like the lithium isn't so good. Was there a warning about the side effects? Take care.

Mark Krusen said...

It's to early to tell about the Lithium. Yeah some of the side effects are kicking in. Nothing I can't handle right now though.

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

Friday the 13th has past now, so we all can come out of hiding.

I left a lithium comment on your last post. Not much I can say here to make things appear signicantly better except life is seldom fair; but when we each weather the storm, we can only hope a rainbow appears to leave us in awe.

You have good friends with you in their prayers and thoughts. So keep plugging away, things always turn in time. You just need to get that dark cloud to move on from hanging over your humble abode {laughing}.

By the way I thought I would pass on a good lithium trick: if you want lithium to flush from your system, a couple of tea spoons of regular table salt taken each day will do the trick. The body tends to metabolize regular salt much better than lithium; so it kicks the lithium out of your system {laughing}. Don't worry; I have more incredible bipolar tricks to pass along in the future {Smirk}. So hold onto your Dodger Blue drooling towel {he he he}.

Yours truly, that punching bag Blog Buddy

justana said...

You made my day with your comment.
There's Stan! Always friendly. This man has a huge heart! What a friend you've got Mark!
He is always full of good thoughts for everybody.
Two great human beings both of you.
I'm associating the two because I saw the way you talked to each other before I had a "home" in blogosphere.
Hope you're fine.
You also is in the "this to will pass"?
I always say it to myself when I'm in trouble. Now I know how to say it in English.:)

preciousrock said...

Dear Blog Buddy,
Sounds like Lithium hits you with the same side effects that it gave me. If it works for you, I suppose the side effects are managable. It didn't work for me, just made me more depressed.

If a damn, friggin, Dumocrat gets in office, I know it will be the result of your bad run of luck visiting the whole of us. Stop whining about it. You may make it happen, lol. I'm sorry you feel like you are in a desert now! I feel that way all the time, lol, haha. ;-) If you must be in a desert, I think my photo gave you a beautiful one to be in. Thanks for plugging my blog and find another doctor NOW!

Hugs, PreciousRock the Rockmeister

CRAIG & DIANE said...

I feel for you, we have been doing the loan closing/lot finishing shuffle for the past two months. I'm afraid if I mention things are moving forward, I just might jinx it, so I'll not utter another word on it until it is a done deal. Hope your medications get worked out and you are feeling better. Can't wait to see the progress on your house and lot!

Mark Krusen said...

{The Rockmeister}I love it. That is you. Perfect name for you. As to whining. Everything else is being taken from me that I enjoy doing Like working, playing golf, going for walks amongst others I'll be damn if I will let you take away my whining. You'll have to pry away my ability to whine like a Cat protecting it's toy mouse.If I can't whine you might as well take me out now.

Mark Krusen said...

Craig & Diane,

That is my new policy on the house. When things are done then I will post on it. The changes and bumps and turns are coming everyday now. So we shall report on it in the end.

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

May I send you some nice cheese to go along with that whine? {laughing}

Your bud

Joe said...

Hey Mark- quit whining!


Sorry, couldn't resist.

I just wanted to say, "Hang in there!"

Oh- and if you want a window on your traffic, check out:

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