Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm justa goin crazy

It's my first day at work. I'm not doing to good today. Just way to many stresses in my life. I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to post in coming days. I see how it was for you Stan. Moving a lone is a major stress. You toss in my leg issues, starting a new job,the fact that my bipolar meds just don't seem to be working at all, and I'm not having a whole lot of fun right now. I'm typing this post Friday afternoon at 12:30 pm on my midday break and just wanted to get a little note out to you guys. I'll post when I can. It's going to be day to day for awhile. Maybe the weekend off will help.


Christopher said...

Keep a smile on and push through! Nothing is stronger than you :)

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

Congratulations on the new Job {applause button pushed}. All I can say is give yourself the gift of time and everything will fall into balance once again. The great thing about having blog buddies, friends, and faithful readers; is that they are patent and understand the trials and tribulations we go through. Hang in there my friend and make sure that rope is at least ten feet to long {laughing}.

Your blog buddy:

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks for commenting I'm like Arnold Schartaneager "I'll be back" Just low ebb right now.

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks for our 2-1/2 cents. As far as the rope I forgot how to tie a knot that would stay anyway.{trying to at least smile}

Quinn said...

Starting a new new job will naturally be stressful...don't be too hard on yourself it might even be the reason why your meds aren't too effective it happened to me when I had a big move but hopefully things should settle.
What was your new job in again?
Take it easy at the weekend I think you deserve it :)

ladyjane64 said...

Just one day at a time my friend that's all anyone can do. Along with a few daily words to the BIG guy upstairs and soaking up the words of comfort and motivation from your friends and family I know you will be fine.
I hope things go good with you're new job, it will be tough at first adding something new to your routine but you will adjust and I'm sure it will work out and if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be. So hang in and I'll keep checking back everday as always!!!

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn & Ladyjane,

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'll be back soon I hope.

Anonymous said...


what they said :D