Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Justa reflecting on some things.


Is this a tired looking old timer or what

Notice the sweat shirt. Yeah I'm a Buffalo Bill fan(I usually wear a bag over my head when wearing this one) Another reason I wear this sweatshirt is because of the word "Bills" on it,it reminds me to keep going every day. That's why we get up and get going every day isn't it? Because we have bills to pay. Staying in bed isn't an option. Ok maybe on Saturdays and Sundays for a while. If you didn't have get up and go to work what time would you get up? Me I am so ingrained with doing most of my driving at night between the hours of 10:00pm and usually 3:00 am the next morning. This is the time that a lot of truckers like to drive because traffic is less around the big cities and it was a lot easier to get around. That being said I have a hard time staying in bed around 01:00am every morning that's why many of days you'll see my post being marked rather early in the morning.

The Yankees aren't exactly tearing up the American league east are they?

They won last time I listened to them on the radio on Sunday for a few minutes. It is so hard for me to sit still and watch or listen to a whole game. My mind is so Fuzzy right now from the Abilify. I just can't seem to get the medicine balanced and I'm always tired. I don't think I'm getting the right amount of sleep.I'm starting to sound like a professional whiner aren't I. :) Sunday Momma and I went to a concert at the Church. I enjoyed the music but it was really hard for me to concentrate. I called Len my social worker at home(how amazing is this to be able to do this) Sunday night. After a short conversation he decided that maybe I should go back on the medicine I was taking before. The name escapes me and I don't want to go back into the bedroom an wake up momma just to get it. It is Ripserdal or something like that. We shall see how that works as I took a dose two nights ago. Wish me luck.

The news continues to be positive

(Not) Gas & food prices are continuing up unabated what to do. Check out some of my favorite sites. You can find them on the side bar on the right. Trent over at the Simple Dollar is continuing his "Born to Buy" series it is a continuing series on how advertising effects our buying habits. Trent leaves no stone unturned. Also check out Mrs. Micah on her blog she is giving us advise for Teen financial books that we can all put to use in our lives today.Also check out her blog roll on the right of her blog. Check out these and other sites on my sidebar. I have an interesting blog roll, that I use to stop by different sites all the time. Check out one more site on money that I came across here she has a podcast that is interesting to listen to if you have a few minutes. All we can do is all we can do. Cut where you can. But keep in some of the things you really like if you can. Remeber Cindy and I still eat out every week for breakfast because it is "in" our budget. We also have a $20.00 slush fund that we each get a week. We are only able to do this because we have set up a budget and know where every dollar goes. We choose where our money goes not the other way around if that makes sense.

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Mark Krusen said...

I gave you guys a head start today again. I have to be the first commenter it's been a while.

stan said...

Dearest Mark:

What can I say? Your old damn it! Just admit it and wear your Super Spiderman Depends for active adults and move on {laughing}.

Now as far as those damned Yankee's; May I suggest you switch over to a real baseball team and bleed a little Dodger Blue instead {smirk}.

I really do hope your feeling better soon and don't let those pesty downturns eat away at you. It's all part of a wierd cycle, as all things change in time and with some patience ( which I have very little of {laughing}. I'm wishing and sending you my heart felt best.

Ok, Almost done with my first Cup of morning Java Joe, and it's time to get back in those packing trenches once again. HI HO HI HO it''s off to pack I go!

Yours truly and blog Buddy

Mark Krusen said...

They were out of Spiderman Depends I had to settle for Mighty Mouse.

As far as the Dodgers. Because you have the best manager in baseball I am now a Dodger fan. I don't bleed Dodger blue yet though

I thought you we're shut down for a couple of days

stan said...

Dear Mark:

I am shut down in a bipolar sense and rational, but even I need to take a packing break from time to time. Plus it's hot here in Hell, and I'm sweating up a storm.

Tonight I will break down my computer, and be officially in the dark. Until then, I don't want you to get the expression you are safe from my comments and wrath {laughing}.

Yankee? is that like a hanky used in self pleasure? {Laughing}

Yours Truly

Mark Krusen said...

Dodgers, Is that as in Draft dodgers. Or as in dodging the tomatoes flying out of the stands.LOL

Even Joe Torre can't rescue the team yet.

preciousrock said...

Hey Stan and Mark, what is going on with you two? Some sort of blog feud or too much testosterone? :-) I don't like sharing my blog buddy, but I know he cheats on me and comments on many other sites!! Also, I think he said he was "going dark" so we would let down our guards and he could attack when we least suspected it!!

Mark, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog tonight. I have visited yours a few times also but have yet to leave a comment. Can't remember where I found the link, but maybe it was off a comment from Stan the Man (the one that needs a kick in the can, lol). Hey, I'm trying to understand why you have a social worker handling your meds? I left a question response on my blog to you tonight about that. Clue me in. I don't like being confused :)
And, BTW, yes sometimes you do need to mix and match to get the right effect. One pill may do it for some and other brains like to have many colors shapes and sizes, lol.

Mark Krusen said...

preciousrock, first of all I love the name. 2nd of all thanks for coming off the "lurker" list. (laughs out loud). Many of my relatives and friends are still on that list.

I answered your questin on your blog. A short version of an answer anyway.