Friday, May 2, 2008

Hang on,justa nother day in the life of...



What a difference a day makes!

I'm feeling much better this morning. I got a hold of Len my social worker. We are still in the process of getting me a Psychiatrist. But in the mean time we've determined that I shouldn't take the Risperdal at all. That is what made me depressed enough the last time to put me into enough of a tail spend to send me to CPEP. So now I'm going to be on half a dose of Abilify every other day. I will take 1/2 pill at night every other night. Len feels that that should cut way back on it making me drowsy. We shall see.

Those of you that have followed along for a while know

that we were in the market for a new double wide on land. You remember that the deal fell apart at the end because we were worried about the monthly cost being a little to much with my Workmen's Compensation not being settled yet. Well the Workmen's Comp isn't settled yet buy we believe the new package we found for land puts us much better off financially to go ahead with the deal based on saving quite a bit on the land package and Cindy getting another raise at work.

The land we found is just west of Fulton, Ny.100_1033

It is about 1/2 acre that already has the Septic,Electric, City water already hooked up and ready to go for $ 24,900. That would save us quite a bit on the set up compared to the last time we were looking at it. I saw this land yesterday while up to the Town of Granby offices checking on a permit for the deck we were looking at getting  installed for our current home here in the park.The only other thing we would have to do for land preparation would be to have a slab installed. That should  be about four or five thousand. So rough figures we should be able to get into the deal for almost $20,000 less than we would have before. That would be a number that we wouldn't be house poor or at least we wouldn't feel like we were. (laughing)

So we went back up to G&I homes last night.100_1003

Got there just before they closed. Dan our salesman from before was there and took us around to look at a few different homes including single wide's. The home we wanted that was on the lot before is still there also. We eliminated single wide's, they just seem to be set up differently then what we have become used to. Also the bedrooms were all just to small. So we think we have settled on a new one that we would have to order.It's a double wide model that they are just introducing to the public. It would be similar in size to the one we have now. We have some time to think about it. We aren't going to just jump in. We have a lot of research and checking around to do. Financing shouldn't be a problem as we were approved last time it should be just a matter of doing the paperwork. I'll keep you informed as things develop in our latest house buying saga. These pictures are current ones of our trailer now in the park that we haven't shown you yet. That bench is the one that momma bought me for a present a while back.


Quinn said...

Hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) I really empathise how you feel aswell. I've added your link on my page aswell.
Feel free to email me if you ever feel the need to talk.

Anonymous said...

wow ...hey bro-nlaw....some free time...when ever i get some i have to get my justa-fix...and who the hell is this dan dare he gets first billing over the great justakrusen....fame is only one dan the home market is back in gear...also cool...everyboby needs a place to call home....a place where he can dig the dirt and say "dirt! are all mine"of corse in my case the dirt is realy dog crap...but it's still mine....sher always says if it is ment to be will. ....she pretty smart that sher...and i should know cause i'm her sherbear....yup thats me....just don't call me johnson, cause johnson's not my name....see the doc next week...ugg...another doctor another surgery...damn...i could keep the calciun thing going...i figure when i croak i could be my own tomb stone....just engrave my belly...there's plenty of room there....hey thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...

Jackofall58,what is that surgery your getting? Yeah it looks like we may actually go through with it this time. Stay tuned though, our life changes every day. Ain't life interesting. I haven't been bored in a lot of years.

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn, thanks for the salutations. And thanks for the offer of chatting I really appreciate it. So far it's staying together.

Kelvin Oliver said...

Oh yeah, Mark! Sounds like you are doing good over in your neck of the woods. It sure is another day in life. I'm glad that there is good progress on the land and the sense of progress in life.