Monday, March 24, 2008

Justakrusen Headquarters


I'm going to start using my own pictures where ever possible.Or I'll continue to use some of Diane's over at Heads Carolina/Tails California as she has given me permission to use them on my blogs. Thanks again Diane. This picture you see here is one Momma took of the office. This is my little corner of the world.It's not always this neat. Cindy caught it at a good time.

As I mentioned in a recent post. Mr. Google was extremely upset with me for something I said or did. I don't really know what it was and I can only guess. So my two guesses are. 1.) I used a picture off of Google Images.(Which I will never ever ever ever again do under penalty of death) or I dared confront Mr. William O'rielly on My blog and or in an Email. This here is the post I did. I don't know if it annoyed Billy and he waa'ed waa'ed to Google. Or if Google just didn't like me using his picture and the few others I've been using lately. I'm going to choose the first choice. Why do you ask? Well I would like to think that Mr. O'rielly read my email and talked to someone, who talked to someone, who knew someone,who than disabled my blog, making it almost impossible to access my blogger account. This is much more fun to contemplate than the alternative, which is Google didn't like me using the pictures and spanked my hand for 5 days. Which choice would you choose? Exactly! Hi, Mr O. I so wanted to make the Pinhead section on his Fox Tv show. After all I haven't had my 15 minutes of fame yet.

Now back to the picture of the office. Does this look like the office of an Internet Mogul or what? :)Hey, I'm having fun. That's all that count's right? I'm going to close this by Justa saying, that everything that is happening with this blog as it refers to the increased readership is because of you folks. I'm grateful for that. I know quite a few of you have stopped back in from time to time as your life schedule would allow and I appreciate it. This was my first blog and it's going to be hard to let go. But let go I must. In coming weeks I'm going to be ramping up my efforts to continue to put worth while content on and I'm going to attempt to continue to shape and build on I hope it's not to confusing. Thanks again for sticking with me. Stop on over to the wordpress blog and leave a comment if you like. I'm justa saying!


CRAIG & DIANE said...

Hey Mark - You can use the pictures whenever you want, I won't take you down like Google. LOL I'm just happy you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them while we are on our great adventure.

Anonymous said... are truly have been recognized...not by billy o...who gives a crap about him??? not me...and not by google...they are no god of the internet...sorry google someone had to tell ya it might as well be me>>no craig and diane!!! it conferms what we have hoped all along....i am not the only one reading your blog....i mean diane accually commented back...thank you ...i mean she is famous right??? ya i thought so this is a great moment in Justa history ...better then being hit 100...way to go big guy...bask... enjoy the moment...feel the love man...i can truly say i am proud to know a celebity such as your self....just don't tell anybody ok?? thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Hi Jack, You didn't mention the picture of the office. Here I kept it clean for the picture and you just ignore it. I bet you missed things in the picture of the beach and water I had on the other day did'nt ya! I'm justa saying!