Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Justa amazed!

According to my Bravenet hit counter(Bottom right of page). There were 38 total hits on this blog yesterday. Wowza! That is the most ever in one day. I'm amazed that 38 people would hit on here. How did I get the amazing growth in one day? It's rather simple. Not easy mind you,just simple! What I did was, go to sites that I enjoy that are popular on the Internet and left a comment. I didn't do this just to raise up my hit count on this site, although it became a pretty good by product.

I went on sites like Josh Spauldings site on how to be an ethical Internet Marketing Guru. In my opinion he is one of the least intrusive of the "make money with your blog" niches out there. That's why I'm subscribed to his email subscription service. Every day in my email is his newest post. I don't want to miss any thing from him, so this is for sure an email that I open. I don't know why Josh's link goes to the page it does. However, I've check the ones below and they are live links.

Another one I'm subscribed to is Caroline Middlebrooks site. Although I don't agree with "everything" she does. She has risen quite fast in the same genre. I think her post today tells how she made $2,000 since Sept,2007. Not to shabby huh. Lol. You might be saying ok Mark, that's two sites about making money you greedy so and so. I go to these to learn how to build up traffic and to in the Long run make money yes. That being said I am truly not motivated by Money. Never have been, Never will be. But we do have to make a living don't we? So if I can unobtrusively make money on what I have found I love to do. Heck, I think that would mean that maybe I'm growing up! Oh no! "Momma, I thinks me be growing up!"

Just to prove to you that I'm not a money grubbing Internet Marketing wanna be, Tom Stine's site is one of my favorites. Click on over there,you'll find that he is far from all about making money. Check out his comments on his post. I think they're were about 14 the last I checked. The Mark that commented on his post was me, myself and I. It was quite a conversation that the 3 of us had don't you think? Tom and Evan are a couple of very intelligent individuals and I had to dig deep into my feeble brain,to keep up with them. :)

I have a few more that I go on and comment on. The Internet is a mosh posh of all kinds of interest as I'm sure most of you have found out. I'll show you one more site that I go on almost every day. I don't comment every day on it. But when you click on Craing & Diane's site you get a special treat in pictures taken by Diane on their travels. If you were even thinking way back in the recesses of your mind (Don't hurt yourself Jackofall58) about going on the road trucking (with or without Momma) this is the site to follow. They tell you exactly what it is like every day.

There are many more sites I go on every day. I'll share some of them with you as we take this journey in Blogsville together. Thanks again each and everyone of you for clicking that button and joining me here. Again I'm going to point out for those of you that don't want to miss a day in the life and times of Justakrusen. Just sign up on the top right hand side of this page and each post I update will automatically come into your email box each and every day. Isn't that a scary thought? I'm justa saying

image Here's just an example of one of the Pictures that Diane took in this trip to Canada. Go to their website to see a whole bunch more.


CRAIG & DIANE said...

Mark, I know the feeling. What started as a blog that just a handful of friends and family checked has now grown into a large network of people checking on our great adventure. I've made new friends and hope to create even more. Blogging is just one way to make connections with people you would have never had the chance to before. Keep it safe!

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Mark, I know the feeling. When I first started blogging it was only a handful of friends and family that looked at it. Now it has grown so much, and afforded me the opportunity to meed new people and forge new friendships. It's amazing what a little blog can do!

mommy101 said...

Well, I am sitting in my chair and thinking about not wanting to make money....Isn't that a nice thought.....Not needing anything to need money for....your right Mark we do all have to earn a living anyway...when I first saw the house at the bottom I thought you and the wife had finally found your new home.....LOL...anyhow...thanks for the interesting infomation and keep on writing...

ladyinred1953 said...

Oh to have the house dilemia solved- that would be nice. From what I can see that is out there for the amount we believe we can afford, I think if we do anything, it will be land purchase with a new home on it. Some of the houses I saw on line , for what we are looking for, are really looking like they would benfit from a person willing to be fixing things. We could jsut stay here too. Who knows.
I think it is cool that my hubby is now an international exposed blogger. You are right, Diane and Craig- it is a way to meet people, you never would have in the past.
I currently am so dang buxy at work, that I usually fly onto the blogs, read his sites and those her references, and then zoom to other things in my long list of things to do. So I am zooming now to work on the bills , stay safe all, Have a great Friday. :) Momma