Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weigh in Day!!



To day was my official weigh in day. I weigh in every Saturday just after I get up.  Drum roll. I'm down to 241.8 with a BMI still in the 37's. Which is still in the obese range. I'm shooting for under 30 in the next month or so so I can be just "overweight".

I ended up with about 1500 calories for the day again. That seems to be what I'm falling into no matter what I eat. I haven't been planning out any particular menu. Staying accountable as the day goes on has helped me keep it before me and it's something I think about before I just put something in my mouth to eat. I do want to get where I plan out the days menu before I start so I can fine tune what I eat a little better.

After Breakfast with Shawn and Pat this morning Cindy and I went to the Gym. Today was  weights and upper body, along with my regular Cardio. I  also swam in the pool for about 20 minutes. So it was a pretty good workout day. My knee is being helped by all this excercise but my left leg is still shorter than the right so it is causing me the back pain still. I got a nice power nap in this afternoon. Cindy worked on the camper (sewing some more) when I was done with my beauty sleep I went out and helped her.
We grilled some Ny strip Steak on the Grill tonight. It was a little to done. I like it well done so I didn't mind. I think Cindy would have liked it a little less done. Also grilled some Peppers and a baked potato. Mmmmm good.
We went through my closets and drawers today taking out clothes that were to big for me. Sizes 3X. It was kind of neat trying on clothes that used to be to small but now they're wayyyy to big. We have quite alot to take to the Rescue Mission. Cindy has saved alot of clothes from my sized before I gained all the weight. We went thru them all so. I am now into 2X's but even some of them are loose on me. Heck this is turning into a weight loss blog. I guess that is better than talking politics huh? I have just about zero interest in Politics now. Both parties lie out of both sides of their mouths. Life's to short to worry about things I can't change.


Stephany said...

That's awesome! unbelievable, hard work is paying off--oh and that's how I lost weight before walking a couple of years ago, no carbs, I looked at that site and there's some good looking recipes on it.

Have a nice weekend with your family.

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Stephany you too. How is your daughter doing?

Stephany said...

Today will be the 2nd time she goes to the movies w staff and peers, a very big step. Going somewhere w/out me has not happened in years for her. She's talking a little more also.

Herrad said...

Hi Mark,
You are doing wonderfully well, congratulations for all your hard work.
So easy to put on and such hard work getting rid of it again.
Good luck with your endeavours.

Mark Krusen said...


you'll have to blog on how she did. That's great news.


Thanks. Your right it is easy to put on but hard to take off. But so worth it to do it.