Thursday, May 27, 2010

My workouts have been going great!!

ardi_fossil_0526 Got this picture out of Time magazine.

Tonight was beat up Mark and Cindy night at Golds Gym in Liverpool, Ny. (I'm sure you saw it on the national news) Well if it wasn't there it should have been. I did a half hour of cardio before my time with the trainer then he worked me pretty hard for my half hour. Sweat was just pouring off me by time he was done with me. I guess that's what we're paying him for right? We told Gregg (the trainer) that this would be our last 6 week stint with him. We each get 1/2 hour a week for six weeks for $384.00 that's starting to add up. We think we have got a basic idea how and what to work on. Maybe we'll pick back up with him for a six week session in the winter as we get down near our goal weights.

I've got a new book I'm reading and Here's the website it's based on. I've just started reading the book and it is quite a change from conventional thinking. I'm going to have to take it slow as I tend to go all or nothing with things. It's an interesting blog. Check it out if you want to study up a little on how our body works and how to lose weight. Cindy is looking at my out of the side of her eye because she knows how I get anal sometimes. Speaking of anal. How are you doing Stan?


Stephany said...

Does Cindy approve of you walking around all bare skeleton like that? lol

Good job you guys, I think the personal trainer rocks!

Forest Parks said...

Mark, I am a vegetarian.... but on this one occasion I may advise you to eat some meat, the fattier the better! Your new look is a little worrying...

Gosh I am bloody funny! On a serious note it feels awesome when you sweat so hard and see the results.


Mark Krusen said...


I guess I better start eating "justa" little bit more huh?


You are bloody funny. Now get your arse out there and sweat!!