Monday, January 5, 2009

Mrs Justa and depression

I saw this on google image and it spoke to me. Depression, it is real, it can consume your every breath. It makes the sun exist but not be seen. It makes everyone in your life disappear, even if they are right there.

imageI have faced depression in my life, at various times. My depression I think has always been situational, but some of us are born with a major depressive disorder that is always there, gnawing in the background, sometimes able to be controlled by medication, but what happens if you can not afford the medication, or a situation makes the depression rear its ugly face.

People who have never been depressed, they think a person can snap out of it. It is not that easy. It is consuming, it is suffocating, it is controlling, it is numbing, it is  lonely. 

In my life I have been around people with various degrees of depression. Treatment is essential to conquer or control the depression.

Fortunately for me, in my most horrible times in life, I sought counsel, and talking helped me get through it.Once the counsel was a priest at a church where I lived, once a school counselor, once a counselor through the county who saw me on a sliding scale.  I had been given valium once for a terrible event in my life, and another time librium. These were for short periods of time , to get me over the hump.Life was never guaranteed to be easy, and I think most of us can testify to that. My wish is that if you know someone who is going through a time of depression, be there for them, listen, do not judge, be patient, sit next to them, try to talk, try to encourage them to talk with a counselor.

If they feel suicidal, stop and help them get immediate assistance through an ER or psychiatric emergency center.  The worse you can do, is go on your way, and say they will be better in a day or two.

As the depression lifted, it was like slowly watching color come back into a black and white world. I could see the sun did not forget to come up. I would analyze myself as being so low I had to pull my socks down to see. How I felt inner strength as I unfolded the sock top and saw colors in the world.
Not one of us has a guarantee we will not face depression in our lifetime. And if and when you do, you will want to have a someone at your doorstep, whether from afar on an e mail, or in the same room. I know of some who are suffering at this very moment, to them I say, I am here, as I know you would be , if I needed you too. Love and prayers, Mrs Justa

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