Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mrs Justa and a day in the medical offices

Today was  a day off of work, but not a day of fun and pleasure, instead a day of doctor appointments and walking like a penguin everywhere I went. I started this morning at the Eye Specialists. I had an issue with flashing lights in my vision 6 wks ago, and saw my eye doctor for it, so while I was at his office, he had a retina specialist make sure the retina looked okay. That led to the retina doc wanting to see me in 6 wks, which was this morning. image

We woke up to about 1/4 of ice on the cars, slippery roads, schools closed.Which meant Mark could accompany me on the adventure through doctor offices. The eye appointment was an 1 1/2 appointment. The next one was at my OB office, we were 45 minutes early for that one, so we went to Dunkin Donuts ( just across from doc #2) for a coffee, muffin and Mark got a croissant sand with coffee. Now that was an adventure too!. 

As we were walking in , one of the female employees was stomping, flailing her arms and telling a co-worker she did not have to take that ( whatever that was) , she was throwing out "F" bombs, and pacing quickly, as a  customer at the counter was just standing there waiting for someone to take his order. This employee did not stop, she marched into what was the back area, and we could hear her screaming on the top or her lungs, a high pitched, whining , complaining squeal.
We stood behind this customer waiting to order, it was rather amusing, unbelievable, and uncomfortable at the same time. Eventually, the employee we think got this chick going went in the back area too, and there was more yelling,

A different employee who was in the back, decided to come and wait on us, since psycho chick was in his area, Eventually they still were all working there, and came back out to their posts. ( If I had been the manager, someone would no longer be on the payroll there.) The episode was unacceptable, and we were thankful neither had a gun or switchblade on their possession, it could have gotten really ugly.

So we left there, unharmed, and went to doctor visit 2, this took an hour, and we had 1 1/2 hrs till appnt number 3 which was in the same complex, just the other end of the building. So we took off and got lunch at Denny's.

Now, $45.00 less in our checking account due to co-pays, all the docs have seen me and told me I am fine, come back in a year ( doc 1) , 6 wks  ( doc 2) and Friday morning at 7:30 for fasting blood work ( doc 3)

I appreciate these folks looking out to make sure I am okay, and I appreciate their pleasantness. But today was really a sucky way to spend a vacation day.  Have you ever had a day like this?  ( Hey at least I am healthy, I know I can stand to loose more weight and be more active, but that is at least fixable! Although none of the docs advised me of that, I know it already.) Have a good day, night, whatever, Love, Cindy


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