Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mrs Justa and being different

Okay, I had to share this photo. I saw it on line, no one to credit it to, it was just there. I am looking at this and wondering 1) how many snowmen are there? 2) Where is the beginning? 3) How many people worked on this project? 4) How long did it take? 5) Did snow have to get brought in for this challenge? 6) Why and 7) Are they all still standing, or did the temp go up?

Then I look at it and think about people, and now snowmen. There are no 2 alike. When I have driven by one snowman, and ways down another, in my mind they were the same. But they are not. Even with a snowman kit, no 2 would look the same. image We are all different, we may have similar likes, but we have uniqueness to each of us.

The pets , they are very similar in how they appear, but they also have uniqueness that makes them different.

I need to be reminded often to look for the qualities that make each living being different. What made us the way we are? Is it environment, or genetics? Is it the uniqueness of the individual from conception. Or is it a hodgepodge of factors, like family, life style, financial, parents, did we have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,grandparents, cousins.

I grew up with a grandmother till I was 4, never knew a  grandfather, a dad till I was 10, only a great aunt and uncle until maybe 5 years old, no cousins, 4 brothers and sisters. How different would I be if I had the other relatives?

What makes these snowmen different. There is one on front row that looks like he is scowling, the one next looks happy, some just look like they are tolerating this place in their snowflake life. We are all different, we all give first impressions, and sometimes those impressions are not at all what we are all about. I am off now to sing a few songs, and make some supper. Enjoy the person you are, Love, Mrs Justa

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