Friday, May 1, 2009

Mmmmmmm Good

image  That's right this desert was Mmmmm good. Cindy and I stopped over to her Brother Tom's and his wife Sherrri's house for dinner last night. We had Sausage Burgers and Hot dogs off the grill,a kick ass salad that momma made and some Macaroni and cheese. Delicious meal and then some. Sherri topped it off with this Chocolate cake with Strawberries. Look at the presentation on this thing. Look out Julia Childs.

Gretchen stopped by just before we left. She's Tom daughter and is getting ready to go into the Navy. She leaves in August for Chicago. I think it's a great idea. The service really makes you grow up and she'll get to see and do things she never would have other wise. The country will be a safer place because of her.{ Well at least the local roads will be anyway} Congratulations Gretchen. There is no greater honor than serving your country.

I talked to my daughter Adrianne yesterday. She hasn't thrown up and died the last two weeks but she is still getting nauseous. She has a good attitude though she just keeps plugging along. If it was me I'd be in traction in the Hospital with a private duty Nurse. {Hmmm. maybe I'll get pregnant,instead of just looking like I am} Josh and Adrianne find out Monday if the baby is a girl or a boy. I'll update as soon as I find out of course.

I can set aside the paper bag I've been wearing when watching the Yankee games on TV. At least for now anyway. They are on a three game winning streak. The Cheater {A-Roid} will be coming back in about two weeks. If he does much at all with the bat that will help some. Just keep the needles away from him. I'm a happy camper sports wise right now. The Yankees are winning, Tiger and Phil are 1 and 2 in the golf tourney. It's setting up to be a good weekend in sports.

The Swine flu is starting to show signs of letting up in Mexico. So pretty soon the drive by Media will have to start getting their "kiss the Messiah's ass" pen's back out. It should be illegal to have so many Media outlets running constant "free" campaign and propaganda sessions in prime TV. The dummying down of America is in a full court press right now. They are trying to hint that the economy is starting to show signs of improvement. All that means is they haven't gotten laid off yet. It has to get much worse before it's going to get better. They can bail out the car companies all they want. No one is going to buy any cars in great numbers as long as they are worried about their jobs. They would have been better off economically if they had just given everyone between the ages of 21 and 65 in the country 1 million dollars and said "have at it folks". Oh well.

Today is jean day for Cindy at work. If you want to make her happy. Have Jean day at work and Pot pie night and she's good to go. I hope everyone of you {even you Stan} have a good weekend. I'm riding an up wave right now. Heck maybe I'm heading into a Manic stage. Hang on folks.


Stan said...

Dearest Mr. Liberal Lover with the paper bag going on:

Let's make one thing perfectly clear! Getting off the couch to get an extra slice of cake is not considered a "Manic stage". {LMAO}

Now go back to the couch and watch those damned Yankees pull off another chock; even though they spend a zillion per year on the best drugged up talent that money can buy.

Have a great weekend and get outside some, if even to just sit on that bench and ponder completely nothing.

Your bloggery pal,


Stephany said...

YUM that cake looks good, who needs the berries! lol

susan said...

I wanna piece of cake too.

And a big ice cold glass of moo juice.

Hey Mark, you once said you drove to East Brunswick. Bring that cake to East Brunswick and I and the cat will be your friends for ever .

That pie you posteed a few few weeks back looked good too.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyy I want a brownie!!!!!
Did you save me one cause it looks really really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Krusen said...

Sorry I haven't answered everybody. I've been busy "burp" eating the cake. Lol!