Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Indy and I and the special Meat sauce

image Ok, Cindy and I went out and fixed the mess I made of the yard Sunday afternoon. I mowed the whole yard again this time with it set on 3". It looks pretty good now. Cindy took some pictures that I'll put up at another time. Right now though I'm going to give out the secret recipe for Momma's meat sauce that Stephany said she wanted. It's not real hard to make. I'm not kidding it is to die for. Put it on your hot dogs just a touch of mustard if your so inclined and Ummmmm. Ummmmmm.

2 lb ground beef-Crumble into really small pieces as it is getting brown.

1T cummin

1t salt

2t paprika

2t chili powder

1t all spice

4C water

1C chopped onions

Simmer covered for 11/2 to 2 hrs in an electric frying pan with the lid on. Or 4 or 5 hours in electric stove,in a covered skillet.

Ok that's my Betty Crocker moment. I took Cindy to the eye doc like I said in yesterday's post. Every thing went well. They didn't have to dilate her eyes and she has to stop taking one of her eye drop meds. It's always good when you can get rid of a med right? Have any of you clicked on the different language gadget on the side bar? I did the other day. I think this blog is best read in Chinese. It makes more sense.

Since Cindy has the rest of the day off we're going to go to Subway and get a sub and go to the Pavilion that is near the lake which is about 6 miles from the house and have a picnic. That's the lazy mans way to go on a picnic. We go to go to Wally world and get a new cover for the Grill. Haven't heard from my daughter Adrianne in a while. She's doing the Dad who routine? If you happen across this Adrianne give me a call.I think I have the winning ticket in tonight's Mega Million drawing. {That ought to get a phone call}

100_2631 This is me and Indy getting some time on the bench in the front yard. Both him and I need to lose some weight huh? On that front I'm back down to my start weight. Now I just have to keep the trend going towards losing the weight. I don't doubt that I can do it. It's just going to take more time than I want to with not being able to work out. I have the rest of my life so there's no hurry right?


Stephany said...

mmmm thanks mark and cindy! i love cumin, (and lots of spices)i will try this out!

Mark Krusen said...

Be sure when you do you let me know how you liked it.

Stan said...

Dear Krusen Bench Warmer:

Maybe you have a spot on the Yankee roster after all {Laughing}. You can make that magic meat sauce in your pretty pink apron and sing "take me out to the ball game" in high "C'. Then hop around passing those Dodger hot dogs out.

Now, Take your sweet couch potato old time Krusen, you have the rest of your life to accomplish very little {which according to reports from the Penguins observers appears in all likelihood and plausibility range to be between ten minutes and a few months. I personally took the later drop dead odds and am holding out for a danged miracle {LMAO}.

By the way your sister Nancy Pepsi-Lib called and was really upset that your giving out the family meat sauce recipe to right leaning wing nuts like Steph, etc.

Hope your having a good and happy happy happy day in the neighborhood,


Stephany said...

by the way, does Indy always sit on benches? Koda wants to know if this is something in dog rights he needs to address! LOL

I will let you know when I make the sauce, if I survive eating several hot dogs covered in sauce, lord help me!

Mark Krusen said...

You we're rather tame tonight. It's good to see that Nancy has settled you down quite a bit.

Mark Krusen said...

Indy is the most spoiled dog in the world. Indy said to tell Koda that he should just go ahead and sit on the bench.

I'm telling you those hot dogs will be to die for with the meat sauce on them.

Are you going to let Stan call you names and get away with it?

Anonymous said...

That sauce sounds really good i have to try it with some spagetti or some kind of pasta for dinner. Sorry I haven't been in touch but justa wanted to know how things are going!!!
The Lime Green Drama Queen
(a.k.a Courtney)

Mark Krusen said...


Long time no see. How's life treating you? That meat sauce is for Hot dogs or Hamburgers. Not for Pasta. Don't be doing no cooking and making your dad sick now.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Thanks for the recipe for the meat sauce. Filing this one away for when Craig comes home in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

lol i knew that I was making sure you were paying attention!!!! lol
It has been a long time no see or talk for that matter and i'm not cooking so don't worry!!!!
The Lime Green Drama Queen