Monday, February 2, 2009

Justa hanging on a Monday

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I'm thinking of getting one of these to replace my John Deere this summer. What do you think. Hey it's green still.


Cindy has gone back to work from her one weeks vacation. I don't have anyone to play with anymore. I don't think she had much fun playing with me anyway. I'm heading down into a little funk. I'm hoping it isn't Depression rearing it's ugly head again. That last bout almost did me in.{It took two times in the county looney bin} For those of you that have ever been in one you know what I'm talking about being looney. If you aren't looney when you go in you for sure are once you have been there a while. I've told Cindy that no matter how bad I get I'm not going back in again. Your treated like just another number that has to be watched and reported on. The staff seemed more interested in the task of filing out the reports on behavior than anything else.

Stan from Is there something not quite right with Stan and I have been accused of being anti-Woman by our blogging buddy Stephany from Soulful Sepulcher. Now where would she get that Idea? Just because I have a Man basket on the kitchen counter to hold my wallet and keys and such. Behind every good man is a better woman. In my case Cindy is definitely "The better Half".

I'm adding another site to my blogroll Sensetosave  Is a neat blog to check out. It is about frugal living. A pretty good idea in these tough times.

In closing today I want to reveal to you a sure fire way to get a Dumocrat to pay their taxes. Just appoint them a spot in the NOBAMA administration! Seems to work every time.


Ana said...

No Mark!
Cindy is not the better half!
She is what she is because of you and you because of her.
You know what I mean.
If she was with another man she would show other parts of her personality and same to you - with another woman, of course!:)
I hope you're not depressed!
Perhaps it's just sorrow.
When we've been "there" it seems that everything "strange" can be the "thing".
I really hope you you'll be better.
But you don't need to go to the looney.
Isn't it amazing when we need more understanding and we are fragile people treat us like nothing?
Unfortunately I've seen it happening as a rule.
Not only in psychiatric kingdom.
Hope Cindy comes home soon!
I bet you will feel fine!

Mark Krusen said...


Believe me Cindy is the "better Half" She is my Yang. Without her I would be a Ying-Yang! Lol!

Ana, don't you agree Stan is a trouble maker? He is accusing me of having a pink Man purse.{Everyone knows my favorite color is blue}

Stephany said...

hahaha this is too funny, you know a nice sequin blue purse would hold a lot of goobers!

Mark Krusen said...


Can I do with out the sequins? Stan is on my case enough now as it is. lol

ladyinred1953 said...

Without you dear I would be nothing, not a Ying, Yang ... nothing. You do not want your John Deere to become a lawn ornament. Didn't you ever hear the song " she thinks my tractor's sexy" that is you and your Deere! LOL cindy

Stephany said...

LOL Cindy, hey Mark it looks couch time is over! (and yeah better not show up with blue sequins on)

preciousrock said...

You were right. Nothing too deep here, lol. Just a bunch of nonsense. Hope that funk doesn't get you down.

Hugs and kisses,