Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Justa Truckin!



This would be a really fun truck to drive. I'd love to see inside the back of it. Speaking of the inside of the back of a nice truck, check out this site.The Daily Rant   Scroll down to January 31. This is a pretty cool truck. I would like to congratulate one of our trucking blogging buddies on the 500th post on their blog. If you want to see what it is like on the road as a husband and wife you got to check in and follow Craig & Diane on their trips up and down the West Coast.Diane takes some awesome pictures that I sneak onto this site once in a while.

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the Magna(New Process Gear) debacle here in Syracuse. We have a relative(Cindy's brother) that works there and has for quite a few years. It is so easy to just read news stories everyday and say to ourselves "that's terrible, good thing it doesn't effect us" Well this time it does sort of. Tom and Sherry are a very giving couple and would probably give you the shirt off of their  backs. Unfortunately they are caught up in things out of their control.  I hate to see them going through this.image

I'm not going to pretend to know the ins and outs of the situation as it relates to contracts and such. All I know is that this is another example of how we all have been affected by allowing our good manufacturing jobs to just sort of sneak out of the country.We have sat around and watched while it happens to other people. Well the other people is "Us" now. When it comes close to home it comes off of the news on TV into your own family. I checked out the Magna web site and they are a huge company. Closing this plant won't even be a blip in their radar. It will be "Syracuse who?"

I'm afraid the only way we are going to get back to having control of our lives is to work for yourself. If you have a skill or a talent try to use it. Years ago a large percentage of Americans had their own businesses now overwhelmingly we depend on someone else for our lively hood.


Stan said...

Dear Mark:

Maybe you can start a man purse manufacturing business! You could even become the Gucci of men's purses; using your blue and pink sequin personal purses as guides to a true American success story. {Laughing} Of course once you became successful and wealthy; you would send your factory overseas to China, hire 10 year olds to work 12 hours days for 6 cents an hour, and even get richer. I'm sure eventually you would start tinkering beyond purses into pharmaceutical products. Perhaps one day becoming the CEO of a multinational zillion dollar corporation.
Ok, so that might be a little much to grasp onto right at this time! So go back to the couch and think about it for a while, then ruffle through your man bowl, and then dream about spring when you can cut the grass on your rider mower {smirk}. Have you talked to your squeeze Buddy premiere Obama lately? I hear his out behind the White House sneaking a smoke in the ally way quite often, so maybe you can catch him there doing some more cabinet appointments of those who don't pay taxes. Isn’t life a giant man bowl of cherries! {Smirk}.

You're Pal,

Mark Krusen said...

Yeah but Stan,

With every bowl of cherries your going to get the pits.

Speaking of Barrock(damn this ain't as easy as it looked George) Nobama. Isn't that you I see in some of those Dumocratic groupie pictures when ever they show Nancy{I see dead people} Pelosi. Just think she is 3rd in line for the president.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

That sleeper is something else isn't it? Including the pricetag! It would definitely make life on the road that much easier. Thanks for the shout out.

Mark Krusen said...

Craig and Diane,

$200,000 is a lot of money!! I wonder what the payments would be? Probably about $4,000 per month. I would like to know what their payments are but I would never ask. Maybe she'll mention it sometime.

Stan said...

Dear Mark:

I went over to that site and checked out the sleeper truck. Pretty nice digs inside that semi truck for only 200 grand. That's like small change movie money for dumocrats like you {laughing}.

I loved the answer to how many women can you fit in that thing? Her answer was why a man would want more than one. My answer would be; it would be hard enough to live with one woman, let alone have one on your butt whining all day or night at work. I guess that’s just a small difference of opinion {Smirk}.

I think I still see a Man Purse business in your future! I'm sure you'll love living in the San Francisco fashion district with the entire parade of pinko femi communist super far leftist bozo liberals living next door. Just what the Doctor ordered for you I believe {Laughing}.

You're Pal,

Mark Krusen said...

I'd move to San Fran and open up my business.I justa don't think there is room on your side of the country for a reasonable, self actualized,Non conformist like myself.

You Liberal {what have you done for me lately} left leaning panty waste out there, would sap what little strength I have left.

Any area of the country that could elect and then reelect some one like Nancy(I'm a bitch here me roar} Pelosi isn't a place that I could walk down the street in.I'd want to bitch slap every other person I walked by.

In closing it would be a perfect place for a man purse business. Would you want to be my left coast Sales Manager{Laughing Profusely}

Stephany said...

Ok what's all the talk about a huge truck with showers and beds and a man purse company?

The big question is whose name goes first on the purse label? Stan or Mark? LOL

A name combo--Stark. Now that's snappy! Stark man purses for manly men.

Stephany said...

PS--hey Stan you have a problem with whining women huh? LOL women do not whine they just state facts.

Evan said...

Hi Mark,

Same story with manufacturing jobs here in Australia. We've pretty much sent them overseas (mostly to China).

This is so profoundly dumb and it makes me furious. Both sides of politics have pursued this policy so it doesn't matter which way you vote - you still get soulless economic rationalists (who I like to call eco-rats).

Mark Krusen said...


I think your on to something here.

Mark Krusen said...


I agree, It's pathetic that we've been lead down this path. We have met the enemy and it is "us". It's like we were lulled into a stupor. Unfortunately coming out of it is going to be pretty painful.

preciousrock said...

Dearest Mark and Stan,

I can see that I am going to have to come out of retirement if only to correct your spelling and grammar! Maybe I should start my own editing business?

Love and kisses,