Friday, January 30, 2009

Justa simple post!

Post !


I was going to just leave it at that. But that didn't seem fair to my legions of fans. Ha Ha. After all you took the time to click on your mouse to come over here to read my words of wisdom didn't you? I read somewhere {on another blog} that you shouldn't talk about what you ate on your blog because no body cares.


Well the hell with that guy. What the heck could he know about blogging he only has thousands of subscribers , 6 or 7 books... Momma and I went out for lunch today on our way to the movie.(More on that later) I had a Cheeseburger Deluxe with fries and a soda. Now there, aren't you glad you came over to read that? It was at Marianne's Diner in Phoenix, Ny at the jct of 481 and 264 if your going to drive all the way out here to try it. It was a pretty good Cheeseburger. I might as well tell you what Mamma had. 2 eggs(scrabbled well), Bacon, Homefries and home made bread. The total bill came to about $15.00. This is a diner that Momma and I meet up with the Mayor of Baldwinsville and his wife for breakfast a lot.

After that we let Badger out then went to the movies. We saw the one I've wanted to see since seeing the trailers. Gran Torino. It wasn't to shabby. Clint Eastwood directed,produced and starred in it. It's done pretty good at the box office so he'll make another gazillion dollars.(I didn't sound bitter did I?) It wasn't too bad of a movie but wait till it comes out in DVD. We spent $15.00 on tickets,$10.25 on a medium bag of popcorn and a box of Goobers {can't watch a movie without goobers} another $4.50 on a medium diet soda. So add it up.$15.00 + at the diner and another $29.50 to go to the movies {Damn) and it was a matinee. Momma sure is expensive to take out on a date. Now if we were still dating I would expect a little somethin somethin if you know what I mean. Now that we have been together for 24 years(who's counting) getting lucky for me is if momma falls a sleep before I do.


Stan said...

Dear Mark:

After your past couple of post, you must be gathering quite a leftist communist feminist Nazi Pinko liberal following of astronomical proportions and grandeur {laughing}.

Thank goodness I have remained fully pure in all forms of this bodily and spiritual essence of life as a holy sanctified testament to the all which is good and righteous {Smirk}. This way you have an excellent example to follow and show humble homage too.

So I guess from your strong entrenched views and agenda, marriage and guys like yourself is why your hug and squeeze buddy première Obama is trying to pass a mega zillion dollar sexual stimulus plan so quickly {laughing}.

Who cares if the money isn't worth the paper it’s printed on! It will create more liberals "whoops" I mean more jobs. I gather this means a Wal-Mart on every corner and a McDonalds in each one of them.

I was thinking with your radiant and pleasing persona; a Wal-Mart greeter job could lie nicely in the cards for your future employment possibilities and dreams. Just think! With socialized medicine soon to be in place, making two dollars and fifty cents an hour will allow you a movie without the goodies once a year {laughing}. Talk about living in style and the High Life.

I’m looking forward to your next nonsexist liberal rant in the near future.

You're pal,

Mark Krusen said...

My numbers speak for themselves.{Laughs profusely} If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it did it make any noise?

I've often joked over the years with momma about getting a job as a greeter at Wally World. Who knew it would be a job we'd have to fight over.

Non sexist Liberal Rant?

ladyjane64 said...

Wow, you got off easy. Try taking a kid or 2 next you go to the movies. We do the Block Buster mail thing and only go to the movirs once in a very blue moon. It's amazing that the popcorn and gotta have goobers are more than the actual Luv, Sandy

Stephany said...

You forgot your man purse! that's how you carry in your own snacks and candy! ha ha ha i'm sure you and stan surely own man purses to carry all of this anti-woman baggage around!

Mark Krusen said...

I'm not anti-woman. I think everyman should own one or two.

Stan said...

I believe that is Mark going over his upside down Map looking for an escape route! Nothing quite like the beautiful rabid scorn of 4 billion angry women to deal with; nice going there our renowned liberal leaning leftist factory Mark Krusen {laughing}. You better pack that shocking pink man purse with some extra goobers since you could be on the run for some time. I hear women are now using a special breed of trained squirrels to hunt you down. Which, if is the case; you don't stand much of a chance, since they are great at finding nuts. {Laughing}

You're Pal

Mark Krusen said...


Your a sick unit!!! Wait. Wait. You already knew that didn't you?

I'm not going to let them take me alive! Thanks to your Commie Rants in the comments I'm a hunted man.

I'm being mistaken for one of your Kool aid drinking left coast wackjobs. I'm innocent I say...