Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mrs Justa and Mr Justa

Don't look too quick, or you will miss him. Here he is. Mr Justa. This recliner has been his support, his comfort, his life for the majority of the past year and 2/3rds. He is trying to get better, trying to overcome the obstacles that life has in his path. Indi is always by his side, as he is in this shot. Indi is a good companion, although there are times when he can be a pest, wanting to play ball over and over again.

Mr Justa is coming out of the depression. He is beginning to see light instead of darkness. I AM THRILLED. I know it takes a long time to overcome the lowest part of depression, it hurts to watch someone go through it, and it is hard being a cheerleader to someone who can't believe what you are saying. 100_1673 But my cheering will continue, I will support him through this all, and I know things will continue to improve.

Life at the house is okay, Money is incredibly tight, but money is not everything. I had a doctors appointment this afternoon, so I took 1/2 a day off, and we tag teamed mowed after I got home. Mark uses the rider, I pushed around the parameter of the house, the shed and around the bushes that line the property line.

It took us about an hr, it was 70 degrees out, a slight breeze, it felt good and it looks great.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes for Mark and his recovery. Without them  this would be much tougher. And I do believe soon, there may be more of MR Justa and less of me. Love to all, Mrs Justa.


Stephany said...

Great news, and dogs are really good for pet therapy! Sending positive thoughts your way,

Stephany @ soulful sepulcher blog

Mark Krusen said...

Yes is it good news. I know that sometimes Mark thinks the dog is a pain in the buttooski- but he is a good companion. The unconditional love is priceless. I hope you are safe from harms way with the huuricane season upon us. Cindy

Stephany said...

I have a Husky who demands my attention whether I am depressed or not! :) they do have a way of remaining right by our side when we need them.

I am far away from hurricanes (I'm in Seattle) and I cannot imagine the unsettled feeling and fear the ppl who have to evacuate (and may lose homes)have inside.

My dog is my youngest of 3 daughter's dog, and he is her therapy dog. She is 20 and living in a care facility, --she's the reason I write my blog about mental health.

Tell Mark his fans are rooting for him!

Peace to both of you,


Ana said...

I'm very happy Mark is recovering!
Hope you both can have some peace.

Mark Krusen said...

Hey Ana, and Stephany-Thanks to both. I just sat down for a few moments and wanted to write back.
Stephany- you are right about the dogs- Indi is such a great part of our lives-- Mark doesn't think that as he spends 24 hrs a day with the dog, I think the dog can become annoying at times.
Ana & Stephany- I will give Mark you best, as I always do.. It is like the little engine that could...I know he can... I know he can.
Thanks for being there, Cindy