Monday, September 8, 2008

Mrs Justa feeling lost...

I feel like a lost soul on the cyberspace road way. Have I told ya that I sometimes HATE computers... well tonight is one of those nights. I came in to update our excel file of our expenses in the checking account and all is gone! It says it does not recognize the format or the program it was done on- yet it was done on this computer. I had it stored on a g drive- guess that was not a good idea. The fricken g drive ate my information. A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

So here we are faced with having to reenter all the info--- grrrr.

Hand written ledgers never did that. Yes, I feel like I am rambling on this path, not sure where I am headed, have no idea where all my stuff has gone, and feeling like there is  no end.

Kinda felt that way in the moving adventure a few months ago, I kept packing, and there was more to pack, more to move, more to reorganize. I swear I will NEVER move again. I am sure PR can relate to that right now!

Going around the kitchen still it is like where's Waldo trying to remember where I placed some item that is not often used.
I laugh at myself, as I open a cupboard to see if I chose the right door. It will probably take me another few months before I get it all straight.

Mark said he will help me with this excel nightmare this weekend, I am going to at least start reentering the info tonight. But I gotta tell ya, it is really yanking my chain! So as I stroll through the last 3 + months of check ledgers, think of me as I fumble through the seemingly endless path . Love to all, Mrs Justa. ( PS Mr Justa is coming along, a little at a time, he is here in spirit !)

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